Texas revolution

Texas Revolution Timeline

  • Batttle of Gonzales

    Batttle of Gonzales
    The first battle of the Texas Revolution and happened at the town of Gonzales. The battle happened because the Texans took a cannon from the Mexicans and the Texans raised a flag say "Come and Take it" with a picture of a cannon.
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    Texas Revolution Timeline

  • The Convention of 1836

    The Convention of 1836
    When all the delagates came to Washington Brazos to write a Texas Declaration of Independance George C. Chilrdess wrote The Texas Declaration of Independance
  • Battle of the Alamo

    Battle of the Alamo
    Santa Anna started the battle of the Alamo by surrounding them with a 13-day seige. The battle of the Alamo is a important date in the Texas Revoultion becasue many Texan soldiers died fighting for independance from Mexico.
  • The Runaway Scrape

    The Runaway Scrape
    People began to runaway from their homes because they heard about the Battle of The Alamo and they heard that Santa Anna was coming from the Rio Grande River to burn their homes.
  • Fannin's Surrender at Coleto Creek

    Fannin's Surrender at Coleto Creek
    James Fannin surrendered at the Battle of Coleto Creek, because they had little water to give to the soldiers who got hurt or to cool their artillery and they felt they were unable to finish fighting.
  • Goliad Massacre

    Goliad Massacre
    The Goliad Massacre happened when Jose Urrea captured the Texas army while they were in a open prarie.The Mexiacan army with 900 troops. After Jose had captured them he took them to Presidio La Bahia. While the Texan prisoners were there for seven days Jose wrote to Santa Anna asking what he should do with the prisoners. Santa Anna replied that he should kill them all. So Jose Urrea took them to an open feild on March 27th 1836 (Palm Sunday) and killed them. Some escaped the massacre.
  • Santa Anna Burns Harrisburg

    Santa Anna Burns Harrisburg
    On April 17th Santa Anna burned Harrisburg. He burned Harrisburg becasue he had found out that the town had been abandoned by the people who lived there. Sam Houston and The Texans who had found out about Harrisburg were mad and wanted revenge.
  • Vince's Bayou Bridge is Destroyed

    Vince's Bayou Bridge is Destroyed
    Vince's Bayou Bridge was burned down by the Texans army on April 21 ,1836. It was burned down because it would keep the Mexican army escape the battle.
  • Battle of San Jancinto

    Battle of San Jancinto
    The Battle of San Jacinto happend right after The Texan army destroyed Vinces Bayou Bridge. The Texans were commanded by Sam Houston to attack Santa Anna. The Texans attacked and killed over 600 Mexiacans. The Texans captured Santa Anna and Won the battle.
  • Santa Anna Signs the Treaties Of Velasco

    Santa Anna Signs the Treaties Of Velasco
    Santa Anna signed a Treaty that said All Mexican Troops will leave Texas and That Santa Anna will not fight with the Texans anymore.