Texas Revolution

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  • Period: to

    Freedonian Rebellion

    The Edward brothers created the FR and they asked SFA to help them.SFA refused and helped mexico instead to runthem out.But the damage was already done.
  • Period: to

    Mier Y Teran Report

    Mier y Teran went on a fact finding mission and lied about everything that was there.
  • Law of April 6, 1830

    Law of April 6, 1830
    -immigration would end -no slaves -land grants only go to mexican or european peaple -no trades with the U.S.
  • Turtle Bayou Resolution

    Turtle Bayou Resolution
    a list of demands for better rights
  • Period: to

    Capture of San Antonio

    Bajimen Armalime, Leader of the capture helped defend The Alamo.
  • Battle of Gonzalez

    Battle of Gonzalez
    The Mexicans wanted the cannon back that they let the Texans have to defend them self's from Indians.So hey starded a battle. Texans won.
  • Period: to

    Siege of The Alamo

    William B. Travis was the commander of the Texas army and tried to defend The Alamo. But the Mexican army had about 2000 men so they were out numbered.
  • The Texas Declaration of Independence.

    The Texas Declaration of Independence.
    It states that Texas is now a republic
  • Period: to

    Runaway Scrape

    They ran away beuase they heard of the Mexican armycoming towards them and they left in such a hurry every thing was still there.
  • Massacre of Goliad

    Massacre of Goliad
    Many peaple were murderd ane capured and thet including Conel James Fannin.
  • Battle of San Jacinto

    Battle of San Jacinto
    This battle lasted about 18 minutes and it led to the capture of Santa Anna.
  • Treaty of Velasco

    Treaty of Velasco
    This states that Texas is now independent and it will release Santa Anna and have right were declared when mexico got its independence.