• Sad sad Chapter

    Sad sad Chapter
    As we read through chapter 1 early in chapter 2 we found out that Tex and Masons mother died pneumonia.
  • Kidnapped

    As Tex and Mace were on their way home. They decide to be nice and pick up a man on the side of the road. But yet little did they know, Tex and Mace picked up an escapie from prison.
  • Negrito

    Everyday before school, Tex went out and road his horse Negrito and fed him.
  • Dare Devil

    Dare Devil
    In chapter 4 Johny is working on a very dangerous stunt with his bike. That stunt is jumping the creek, but yet he does not make it to the jump. He then decides to jump off the bike and stop before he got to the ramp, and skins his knee.
  • Money

    Tex and Mason are very short on money because they are on their own living without there dad because he is in the rodeo. On the other hand the Collins family are very wealthy.
  • Not a good idea

    Not a good idea
    As we all know, drugs and alcohol are not things we want the youth to get to know. In the chapter Lem is introduced and Tex and Masons friends, but has a bad job. That Job that Lem is into is dealing drugs.
  • The Call

    The Call
    After the big day was over after being kidnapped, and recieving millions of calls. There had been a very unexpected call. Mason was not a happy camper, because it took a national news, and people talking all about it for their dad to call.
  • Coaching difficulties

    Coaching difficulties
    In chapter four there appears to be another problem. That problem is that Coach McCollough is so hard on Tex because, Tex doesnt play basketball. So coach picks on him in class.
  • Family Feud

    Family Feud
    Tex and Mason get into a huge arguement. Reason being is because Mason needed money so he started selling things, so he sold Tex's horse Negrito. The reason they are needing money is because they did not have enough when Pop had left to go off for the rodeo. Therefore it caused a huge problem in the house because Mason sold the horse to pay the bills.
  • It must be fate

    It must be fate
    Later on in the chapter, it must be fate. Tex soon finds out that he may have a chance with the beautiful Jamie Collins.
  • Getting the girl

    Getting the girl
    As most kids want to know, if they are good looking enough to find or date a beautiful girl. So in the book, Tex wants Mason to tell him if he is good looking or not. The reason why is because Jamie Collins is really cute and he wants to know if he is good enough.
  • A funny feeling

    A funny feeling
    When Tex and Mason picked up the hitchhiker, shortly after everything was over. The hitchhiker reminded Tex of himself, because niether one of them cared much of anythihng.
  • How could you dad

    How could you dad
    Even though their dad was back home safe and sound. There had been a feud in the house when i came to birthdays. Pop had forgotten all about Texs birthday. That had just added more fuel to the fire.
  • Nobody is perfect

    Nobody is perfect
    Nobody is perfect as Jamie wants her dad Cole Collins to know. She wants him to know that she will make mistakes, and that she is old enough to date, as what she thinks. But all she wants him to know is that she can handle a boyfriend.
  • To fast to soon

    To fast to soon
    As Jamie wanted her dad to know shes not perfect, she will later find out he was right. The reason being is because she gets in the truck with Tex, and Tex likes her so then he tries to move in to fast for the kiss. Then maybe she thinks about what her dad says. So after they get done yelling at each other, Jamie would soon get out of the truck because she is not ready for what Tex was trying to pull.