Terrorist Attacks by the Japanese Red Army

  • Founding of the Japanese Red Army

    The Japanese red Army was founded by Ms. Fusako Shigenobu in 1971 after breaking away from the Japanese Communist League- Red Army Faction
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    Terrorist Attacks by the Japanese Red Army

    A timeline showing the different attacks on different parts of the world that were carried out by the Japanese Red Army between their founding in 1971 to the time when they no longer reigned and were put down in 2001.
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    Bombings on Large Corporations by the JRA

    A series of 17 bombings on buildings belonging to large corporations, including Mitsui & Co., Taisei Corp., and the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Lts.'s head office in Tokyo has killed numerous people and workers while injuring many more. These bombings have happened all in the time that the Red Army has been in action.
  • Hijacking of Japan Airlines Boeing 727

    A Japan Airlines Flight 727 carrying 129 people ws hijacked by 8 Red Army members carrying samuri swords and a bomb.The flight was bound for Fukuoka, and was forced to fly there before heading to Seoul, where all passangers were freed.It then flew to North Korea, where the Red Army members were defected and the crew members released. Yoshimi Tanaka was the only member convicted for the hijacking.
  • The Lod Airport Massacre

    A machine gun and grenade attack on Israel's Lod Airport in Tel Aviv leaves 26 people dead, including two Red Army members, and about 80 other people injured.
  • Hijacking of Plane over Netherlands

    Red Amry members lead PFLP guerillas in hijacking a Japan Airlines plane over the Netherlands. The passangers and crew are released in Libya, where hijackers blow up the plane.
  • Oil Refinery Attacks

    Red Army members are blamed for blowing up storage tanks at an oil refinery in Singapore.
  • The French Embassy is Stormed

    The French Embassy in The Hague, Netherlands is stormed, the ambassador and 10 other people are taken hostage and a Dutch police woman, Hanke Rammerswaat, is shot in the back, puncturing a lung. After a few days of difficult negotiations & setting ultimatums, the hostages are freed in exchange for the release of a jailed Red Army Member (Yatuka Furuya), $300,000, and the use of a plane.
  • Kidnappings at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    The Red Army takes more than 50 hostages at a building housing several embassies in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The hostages include the US consul and the Swedish charge d'affaires. The gunmen win the release of 5 imprisoned comrades and fly with them to Libya.
  • Hijacking over India

    The Red Army hijacks a JAL plane over India and forces it to land in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Japanese Government frees 6 imprisoned members of the Red Army and pays them $6 million in ransom.
  • Attack on Idonesian Embassies

    the Red Army fires mortar rounds at the embassies of Japan, Canada, and the United States in Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • Attack on Embassies in Rome

    Members of the Red Army launch an attacks on the embassies of Great Britain and the United States in Rome, Italy. They fired rounds on the embassies and tried to take people hostage.
  • Bombing of USO Club

    Red Army members bomb the United States Military recreational (USO) club in Naples, Italy, killing five people.
  • Explosives Arrest

    Red Army operative Yu Kikumura was arrested with explosives on the New Jersey Turnpike highway, apparently to coincide with the USO bombing. He was convicted of these charges and is serving a lengthy prison sentence in the United States.