Term 2 Inquiry

  • Period: to


  • Getting all the paper work done Day 5

    Getting our contact all writen out
  • get timetoast done Day 5

    Loging o to timetoast and getting it ready to use
  • Gong on the school blog Day 6

    We will be comenting on the class blog
  • getting bibme sorted day 1

    Going on bibme and starting our bibliography
  • planning for SPCA trip Day 5

    Staring to get all the permission slips ready
  • more planing for SPCA trip Day 6

    Got the last permission slips ready then went to Ms Neidhardt and get them checked
  • Going to the SPCA

    Kapri's mum is taking us to the Greerton SPCA to ask some questions
  • Research day 5

    Looking at some sites about animal abuse for our sub questions
  • More research day 6

    Getting anwers for our sub questions
  • Presentation preping day 1

    Getting more info for our sub questions and our keynote started
  • Email Rotorua SPCA

    We Emailed the Rotorua SPCA to get a bit more info
  • More presentation preping day 5

    Getting more of our info on to our keynote
  • starting to finsh our presentatoin day 6

    We are making sure we have all the information we need on our keynote
  • finishing presentation day 1

    We will be going though our notes and practicing our final prformance
  • day of presentation

    Today is our concluding presentation