Tennessee Abby

  • May 9, 1540

    First Explorer

    First Explorer
    Hernando de Soto of Spain is the first explorer the Tennessee region.
  • atmitted to the union

    atmitted to the union
    On June 1st 1796 Tennessee was admitted to the union. Tennessee is the 16th state.
  • Elected president

    Elected president
    James K. Polk got elected eleventh president.
  • Elected to the state

    Elected to the state
    A. W. Willis, is the first African American elected to the state legislature.
  • Great Smoky Mountains establishment.

    Great Smoky Mountains establishment.
    The Great Smoky Mountains National Parks were established.
  • First Broadcast

    First Broadcast
    The Grand Ole Opry is the first broadcast from Nashville. The Scopes trial take place.
  • Tennessee Titans defeat Giants

    Tennessee Titans defeat Giants
    After week of having their leadership and intensity called into question by one of their own, the Giants' response was remarkably uninspired. And by the time it was over rather than fight...