Technology Use Progression

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  • Motorola DynaTAC

    Motorola DynaTAC
    This was the first cellphone which was created by Motorola and invented by Martin Cooper. For being the first cellphone it was very massive so it couldn't really fit in your pocket. Eventually, though phones start to get smaller from this point on. A phone back then was really only used in your house and you couldn't really go anywhere from where the phone was with a wire connecting to the wall. This really changes the way that we can communicate while being on the move.
  • Ethernet

    This invention made a huge impact on how we interact with the internet and is still being used to this day at a way more affordable price than when it first came out. There are two inventors for this invention but the first inventor is Robert Metcalfe then David Boggs. without this invention, we probably wouldn't be able to have as fast internet speeds as we get without this cable being connected to our router. It's very useful since it can be used with a laptop, desktop, and printers.
  • Walkman

    The walkman was the first real portable MP3 player that allowed you to listen to music on the go which was made by Masaru Ibuka who founded Sony. Before the Walkman, there wasn't really a piece of technology you could just take your music along where you wanted to without being in your car or blasting music. This was just meant to be an experiment for Sony to see if people would enjoy a more portable and smaller boombox around so that way they could listen there own music without others hearing.
  • Macintosh

    The Macintosh was the first Mac computer created by Steve Jobs who worked at Apple. Being the first Mac made this a very special piece of tech because it has evolved a lot over time. It was a very bulk all in one computer that needed these special discs to function properly. It came with its own keyboard and mouse. At this point, not many people had a computer in their homes but this really helped to expand that including helping students, workers, and families have access to a computer.
  • Game Boy

    Game Boy
    This is the evolution of the first handheld portable gaming console called the Gameboy which was a very successful product in the early 90s. The inventor of the Gameboy was known as Gunpei Yokoi. From this point on handheld gaming consoles started to become a lot more popular and revolutionized how we play portable video game consoles. Another reason the Game Boy was so popular and kid-friendly was that it was basically indestructible since it could handle being dropped on the floor.