Technology Timeline

  • First Camera Phone

    Japan's SoftBank created the first phone with a camera. This changed our lives as more phones sought to improve on this invention as more people found portable cameras fun and convenient to use. Nowadays cameras are most high-end phones' main attraction.
  • Blu-ray optical disc

    The Blu-ray optical disc was developed by a technology industry consortium. This was an outstanding invention because it allowed people to view television in a whole new way with 1080p high-definition video. We can now enjoy movies without the hassle of pixelated chaos.
  • 1 TB hard disc

    The first 1 TB hard disc was created by Hitachi Global Storage Technologies. It was relatively small and allowed for an absurd amount of storage. This helps many corporations and businesses that have lots of data to be stored efficiently and effectively.
  • The Nest Learning thermostat

    Tony Fadell designed the Nest Learning thermostat. It allows you to control the temperatures of your house with your smartphone or even tablet. You can manage your house's temperatures with ease. It is much more efficient this way and can lower your energy bill significantly.
  • Apple Pay

    Apple Pay is a fast and easy way to check out online or in person. All you have to do is walk up to a checkout area and you can pay without having to touch any of the filthy checkout devices. This is especially beneficial in a world where there has been an ongoing widespread virus. Apple Pay is not only safer and cleaner than using a card, but it is much easier and faster too.