Technology Time table

  • Period: Sep 15, 1577 to

    Technology time table

  • Sep 20, 1577


    We have it so we can see what time it is during the day.`
  • fridge

    You use it too keep your food nice and fresh and also cold.
  • Mp3 player

    You can listen for music whenever you walk around.
  • Light bulb

    We use it to light up the room and if we didn’t have it that means that it would be very dark then but now we have it we can see more clearly. And if we didn’t have it that means that we would not have a torch.
  • CD

    This is what you put in when you want to watch a movie.(you use the DVD player.)
  • Internet

    The internet is very important because we use it every day….
  • Telephone

    You can call people and text them whenever you want. You can also listen to music on it and play games on it too.
  • DVD player

    You can watch really good quality movies and you can watch movie by just using a disk.
  • Laptop

    You could do many things with the laptop. You can down load many things. You can also message a friend that live in the other side of the world or you can chat with them.