Technology Through My Life

By 15qub
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    My Life Until Now

  • The Stereo

    The Stereo
    The first item of technology that I ever knew, the old stereo set that still rests in my living room holds an especial place in my heart. I often would dance and jump crazily around, listening to kiddie music, such as, "If You're Happy And You Know It" and "The Hokey-Pokey".
  • The TV

    The TV
    I often watched childrens' shows, and the TV was the perfect thing to watch them on.
  • The Car

    The Car
    Perched atop my little carseat, my parents would drive me and my little brother everywhere - the beach, the airport, the shopping mall.
  • The Digital Clock

    The Digital Clock
    When the digital clock was introduced into my life, I was extremely fascinated by it. A clock that you could actually see change (for you see, I had never actually seen that precise moment where a clock's hands advance)! It was so amazing!
  • The Telephone

    The Telephone
    Until my first year of primary school, the telephone was just another one of those mystical creations that adults seemed to know everything about. However, when I got to the young age of five, my mother showed me how to use one, and in my eyes it was, like so many other electronic creations, a miraculous invention.
  • The Lamp

    The Lamp
    Nowadays children don't do homework when they are in their second year. But things were different when we were in Year 2 (which makes me feel extremely old). When I had to do my homework, my parents told me that I couldn't spend my days doing homework by moonlight and made me use a lamp. And honestly, I didn't complain about that.
  • The Computer

    The Computer
    The computer was always one of my favorite inventions of all time. Nothing interested me more than all of its strange yet wonderful features, even when I was just in my second year of primary school.
  • The iPod (Classic)

    The iPod (Classic)
    My father had bought the first ever iPod in America, and to this day he still has it. It is chunky and rather heavy and annoying, yes, but I applaud the relatively good condition it's in after about ten years. After I discovered this, I was thrilled by the lovely combination of iPod and stereo that it provided.
  • The Amazon Kindle

    The Amazon Kindle
    Which one: iPod Touch or Amazon Kindle? Finally, I decided upon an Amazon Kindle and treasured and loved it. I still have it to this day, and it looks just about the same as it did when I purchased it.
  • The Mobile Phone

    The Mobile Phone
    I received my first mobile phone when I had just turned eleven, which was something I was extremely proud of, and loved it so much that I carried it around with me everywhere.