Technology from 1950-2011

By Ahaan
  • The first computer

    The first computer
    on this computer the only thing you could do was type and print. so you could only write essays or letters etc.
  • The first playstation

    The first playstation
    The purpose of the Play station I think was aimed for kids who were a bit younger but also liked gaming.
  • USB

    The USB was made so that people you could store data and then be able to transfer it to another device
  • The ipod

    The ipod
    The purpose of the IPod was for people that needed something portable and light that they can carry around, And listen to their favourite songs
  • The gamecube

    The gamecube
    The game cube was aimed for a much more younger age group and was not as modern as the PlayStation or the Xbox.
  • the first xbox

    the first xbox
    The purpose of the Xbox was meant for people who were hard-core gamers and kids who were above the age of ten.
  • The macbook

    The macbook
    The purpose of the MacBook was for people who really travel and use their email. So to summarize, the people that work in offices
  • The first Iphone

    The first Iphone
    The whole purpose of the iPhone was that people could access work anywhere and at any time. Also it let you access the internet anywhere.