Tech Connect Final

  • Google Sites webpage

    I liked this one because you got to play around with it and make it your own.
  • iMovie/journal

    We just flimed over stuff that we liked. I thought this was fun because you got to play around with the movies.
  • Samsung Tablet

    I didn't like this very much because samsung galaxy tablets just sucked.
  • Digging up dirt

    This was a fun one because you got to see what your parents and friends got in trouble for.
  • Digital Citzenship

    Just looked up ways to be careful
  • Web 2.0

    I ended up using dropbox which is pretty neat cause its a online storage space where you can share music and photots.
  • Tech Jobs

    Where we had to learn about different jobs in the technology fields.
  • Timeline over operating systems

    I liked this a lot because you got to pick one operating system and get to learn all about it.
  • 1 to 1

    I didn't really care for this assignment cause I felt like it really matter just because I'm a senior
  • Tutor websites

    I thought it was pretty cool that you got to see all the sites that will help you understand a subject in school.
  • Computer languages

    I thought this was pretty cool because we got to see how many languages there were and what some of them meant.
  • Windows 8 vs OS mountain lion

    I thought this was interesting to see how much pc and mac are different.
  • Promethean board

    Had a lot of fun messing with it you can do a lot of stuff with this and it helps the teachers in class.