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Tech Connect Fianl

By Thing#2
  • iMovie

    Working with the iPads and using the iMovie application was fun and was also interesting to see the things that you could do. We were able to make a five minute movie adding pictures, video, sounds, and voices with ease. This software could be very helpful in the future. 1/22- Today I picked my technology that I am going to make my movie on. I am going to do fuzz busters and how they detect cops.
    1/23- Today I looked up the history of how they work and how they were first invented.
    1/24- today
  • Google sites

    With google sites we learned how to create our own web page.
  • Galaxy movie App

    The galaxy tabs had different movie creating apps and we ended up choosing moviemaker. I don't think this software was as smooth as the iPads and I would not reccomend it. We had many trouble and it was hard to implement certain sounds so they were able to be heard. 2/7- we thought of ideas as a class
    2/8- I chose the topic of athletic apparel
    2/11- I look up clothing styles
    2/12- I started inserting pictures into the movie
    2/13- I was gone
    2/14- I was gone
    2/18- added some voice over intervie
  • iPads

    The iPads were used very much in our class and we used them daily for research, typing journals and many other things.
  • iPads

    The iPads were used very much in our class and we used them daily for research, typing journals and many other things.
  • Be careful what you post

    We learned that what you post online will always be there and is easily accesible by the company that you work for. You can even delete them and you can still find them including their address and many other things you wouldn't think of. 3/4- you can find things online like a persons full name, address, phone number, job and where it is, how much they pay for taxes, what their house looks like. You can also find their relatives and if they are married or not. You can find any social networking
  • Web 2.0

    Web 2.0 tools are all around us. If you would have asked us if we use them on a daily basis we would have said no. Twitter, instagram, and facebook are good examples of things that people use daily and would never have known. They are all around us and are very useful.
  • Timeline

    We created a timeline over a software of our choice. The software that I chose was Ubuntu. I used the software Timetoast to make my project and this was an easy program to use and also kinda fun.
  • OS

    We had to research a type of software and find ten updates or special events that made the software better. This was cool because there are many softwares and how they started from the bottom and now they are here.
  • Tech Jobs

    We learned that there are many jobs even within the state of Iowa that involve technology. It would be very helpful if you got a job within the tech field because you make decent money and you could easily be hired.
  • Dropbox

    Dropbox is a very useful cloud storage space and we learned ways you can earn free storage. This will be helpful when needing to back up photos or any files.
  • Digital Citizenship

    When learning about digital citizenship we learned how you can be responsible for what you post. There are guidelines to what you post and it can get you into legal trouble.
  • 1 to 1

    This was focused on finding factual based opinions on if it would be good for our school to go 1 to 1. WE debated on what type of device and when. I think it would be very good for our school and also benneficial.
  • Computer Language

    We briefly looked at howe many languages there are and what they are used for.
  • Promethean

    The promethean board was very fun. When the lady came in and taught us about it we got a lot out of it. The software along with the board does a lot and is very cool to use. Teachers will be able to use this a lot in class.