Taylors Timeline

  • Jamestown

    This was the first town ever built in america
  • Period: to


  • slaves were being used and sold

    this was when slaves were be shipped to countries with slaveryin them
  • mayflower compact

  • pilgrims established

    when the pilgrims came over
  • french and indian war

    the war between the two
  • sugar act

    the brittish started to tax sugar
  • townshun act

  • collenal boycott

    this was when the colinals refused to use the brittish items
  • stamp act

    stamps were being taxed
  • battle of saratoga

  • boston teaparty

    no taxsation without representation
  • declarationof independence

    americas constitution
  • battle of yorktown

    this was the battle of yorktown
  • louisana purches

  • U.S. constitution

  • nullification crisis

  • columbian exchange

    foods were traded over seas
  • civil war

    when america was fighting whether to have slaves
  • the first amendment

  • american revolution