Taranaki Wars

  • Treaty of Waitangi

    "Hey guys, sign this!"
    "We have no idea what we are doing." xD
    "LOLOLOL all ur base r belong to us!"
  • Let's see what happens.

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  • 600 Te Ati Awa returns

  • New Plymouth

  • Period: to

    First Taranaki War

    "We, the Maori, will threaten you!"
    Britons: "AAAAAHHHH!!! Kill them!"
  • Period: to

    Second War

    "We are in your country, taking your land!" ">:("
  • Period: to

    The Titokuwari War

    "This ends here!"
    "Hellooooo - we control 1/3 of the Earth you morons!"
    "Aww ..."
  • Ploughing and Fencing

    The settlers ploughed the ground and erected fences.
  • The Invasion of Parihaka