Taiping Revolution. Erica, Jaspal, Gagandeep, Mike Ur.

By EricaG
  • The Start of it All

    The small scale battle started in December of 1850
  • Period: to

    Taiping Revolution

  • Taiping Rebels moved out of Kwangs

    Moved toward the central part of the country.
  • Capturing Towns

    Captures 3 towns in Wuhan in January of 1853
  • Captured Nanking

    Captured Nanking making it their capital and renamed it Tianjing.
  • Hong Xiuquan

    Hong Xiuquan withdrew from active control of policies.
  • Yang and family put to death

    Yang and his family were put to death of Hong's followers
  • Went off to the Southwest

    Some rebels led by Shih Tork'ai went to the Southwest.
  • Developed a plan

    Hong Rengan developed a plan to expand Kingdom's boundaries.
  • Shanghai

    In 1860 an attempt to take Shanghai was repelled by the United States.
  • Captured the southern part of Kiangsu Province

    The Taiping forces inflicted a number of crushing defeats on the enemy and captured the southern part of Kiangsu Province.
  • Lost the Anking Fortress

    They lost the important Anking fortress but they occupied most of Chekiang Province
  • Great Britain and France

    Great Britain and France joined the military struggle against the Taiping Forces.
  • Surrounded Nanjing

    By 1862, Chinese forces under Zeng Guofan had surrounded Nanjing
  • Lost all territory

    The insurgents lost all territory they had previously won north of Yangtze River, most of the territory of Chekiang, and important positions in Southern Kiangsu.
  • The end of the Revolution

    Victory by the Qing Dynasty, fall of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, The city fell