Tadasia Chandler

  • Mar 25, 1200

    Olmec civilation begins

    Established in Mexico
  • Nov 23, 1497

    Jhon Cabot explores North America

  • Nov 23, 1499

    Amerigo Vespucci explores South America

  • The Purtians settle Boston

    Unhappy with the way the king treated them. They went to jail after that they decide to go to America.
  • James Oglrthorpe settles Georgia

    Many people were sent to jail, He made a colonie that the poor can settle in..
  • Land granted to the Ohio Company

  • British win Battle of Quebec

  • Boston Massacre

  • British pass Intoleroble Acts

  • Americans defeat Saratoga

  • Lord Cornwallis surrenders

  • Treaty of Paris signed

  • Shay's Rebellion occurs

  • Delegates sign Consitution

  • President Adams takes office

  • United States purchases Louisianna territory

  • Toltec civilization begins

    In the Mexican highlands