Syria Timeline

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  • The fire rises.

    The fire rises.
    Syrian police react against protesters with violent force after years of protest. The police force ends up killing five civilians sparking the fire to spread in a chain of events in Syria.
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    Syria Timeline

  • Friday of Martyrs

    Friday of Martyrs
    Security forces fire upon demonstrators in Douma and Kafer Souseh, Killing three people and injuring many more.
  • Deaths at Homs

    Deaths at Homs
    Syrian forces kill eight protestors at Homs after firing at a crowd that defied authority.
  • The bloodiest day.

    The bloodiest day.
    Syrian protestors have the bloodiest day yet. Tens of thousands line the streets demanding te end of the Ba'ath party. Police forces fire live rounds and teargas into the crowd, killing approximatly 88.
  • Armored warfare

    Armored warfare
    Tanks owned by the serian government enter the mediteranian and open fire on demonstrators in the coastal town of Banias.