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  • Syrian security forces crack down on 'Friday of Martyrs'

    Syrian security forces crack down on 'Friday of Martyrs'
    Police in Syry Arabia opened fire to protesters. Three peole died, which word got around and people where out raged of what happen. The city of Deraa was protected on again with even more people throught the contry. Thought it was a a peacful protest people where aressted and more protect stringed up around Saydi Arabia (Source)
  • Syria death toll rises as threats of force become more explicit

    In a protest deathes rose dramaticly after aragence of not lising to the police and was comanded to open fire. Many citizens died in the firing. (Source)
  • Syrian troops shoot dead protesters in day of turmoil

    Protects acrosse the contry of Sydiarabia, many people where killed throughout the protests. I was the Bloodest protest in Sydiarabia. 88 people where reported dead not countin the ones that where found or not recontizable. (Source)
  • Syria, Libya, Yemen and Middle East unrest

    Protests throughout the contry were spring up and continued for a long time. Anti-Goverment leaders where at the protest and sniped (Soure)
  • Syrian authorities give go-ahead to opposition meeting

    Wemen rights activists protest thought Syria. (Sourse)