• Suicide Bomber

    A suicide bomber kills 26 people and wounds 63 in Damascus, Syria’s interior minister Ibrahim al-Shaar says.
  • President Assad Speech

    In a televised speech, Assad says he will not stand down and his priority is to restore order, something that can only be achieved by “hitting terrorists with an iron fist.”
  • Jounralist Killed

    Gilles Jacquier, a journalist at France 2 television, is killed in a mortar attack in Homs while reporting on unrest.
  • Military Assalt on Small Town

    Troops and tanks attack Zabadani, a town near the Lebanese border, the first big military assault since Arab League monitors arrived.
  • Qatar Wishes to go into Syria

    Qatar’s Emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, says troops should go in to stop the bloodshed in Syria.
  • Arab League Mission Expires

    The Arab League mission expires in Syria.
  • Assad is asked to step down

    The Arab League urges Assad to step down over the crackdown and hand over power to a deputy who should set up a new unity government. The League says it will ask the U.N. Security Council to endorse its new plan.
  • Arab league is Rejected

    Syria rejects Arab League call as “flagrant interference.”
  • Eastern Capital is taken by Syrian government

    Government forces take control of the eastern suburbs of the capital. After the Free Syrian Army withdrew after three days of fighting that may have left at least 100 people dead.
  • Syrian Forces open fire on protesters

    Syrian forces opened fire with supply on protesters in Damascus. Demonstrations had and clash with the security forces for the past weeks undermining president Bashar al-Assad’s argument that an 11-month uprising has been the work of saboteurs and limited mainly to the provinces.There were hundreds of protesters at the main square of Hajar al-Aswad neighborhood and suddently a bunch of security police and shabbiha (pro-Assad militant) came up and started firing into the crowd.
  • French Journalist askes for evacuation

    Edith Bouvier was injured in a bomb blast that killed journalists Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik in Syria. In a video that she posted on the internet she said that she needed to have an operation and asked to be evacuated.
  • Friends of Syria Talks

    The friends of syria council met in Tunis to discuss the issue of Syria. They agreed that they would not arm the Free Syrian Army but they would bring Red Cross support into the city of Homs.
  • Syrians Vote

    Syrians still loyal to Bashar al-Assad voted in an internationally derided referendum on a new constitution that could keep their president in power until 2028, activists reported the deaths of a 34 people. The president shrugged off the 11-month uprising against his rule, in which is estimated to have cost 7,500 lives.
  • Death toll soars

    The death tolls in Syria pass 7,500 says the U.N. It is said that around 100 civilians die per day.
  • Bomb in Syria

    John McCain, the first Senator of the U.S say that the U.S should bomb Syria and stop all the slaughter of unarmed civilians in Syria. “Providing military assistance to the Free Syrian Army and other opposition groups is necessary, but at this late hour, that alone will not be sufficient to stop the slaughter and save innocent lives” says McCain.
  • Canada Closes their embassy in Syria

    The Canadian embassy closed it embassy in Syria because of the uprising gong on. Canadian Foreign Minister Chris Day said on Monday the country has pulled its people out and the embassy and consulate are closed. And they seems no to be the first one Britain, France and U.S also close down their embassy.
  • Obama says that US will not interfere

    On march 7,The president of the US Mr. Barack Obama said “President Syria Bashar al-Assad would fall, as other dictators had fallen”.He described the situation in Syria as "heartbreaking" but said that put US military intervention would be a mistake.The UN says more than 7,500 people have died over the past 12 months as a result of the ongoing violence in Syria.
  • Anana leaves no clear anwser

    Annan Leaves Syria with no clear progress United Nations-Arab league envoy Kofi Annan has ended talks with president Bashar al-Assad and left Syria with little sign of progress on halting the country’s growing political bloodshed. “I am optimistic for several reasons. The situation is so bad and dangerous that all of us cannot afford to fail” Say Annan. There was no clear response from Assad to Annan's "concrete proposals" for a ceasefire, dialogue and humanitarian aid.
  • Spanish Reporter Escapes

    Escape of the Spanish reporter One of four foreign journalists trapped for days in Homs as Syrian troops tried to stop rebel fighters Spanish reporter Javier Espinosa had escaped. In a BBC interview, Mr. Espinosa, who works for the El Mundo newspaper, described his dramatic escape from the Baba Amr district. The people of Baba Amr helped us to get out: they organised a convoy of about 50 people. It wasn't only for us [journalists], it was also for the wounded and civilians who wanted to escape.