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  • Emotional

    Emotional:Bonded very closely between families and you are dependent on your parents.
  • Social

    Social:A small baby would only socialize with its parents and family, norms means normal development such as communication, learning to play with others, they have friends, nursery, learning how to behave in an appropriate way.
  • Physical need 0-3years old

    Physical need 0-3years old
    Physical:Baby/toddler develops gross and fine motor skills, e.g. grasping, holding the head up, crawling, clapping, starting to talk, feed themselves.
    Intellectual:Rapid Learning/exploring through play, speech, rapid learning in early years and childhood, development of language, learning from others, they can learn through their senses like touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste.
  • Physical 4-9years old

    Physical 4-9years old
    Physical;Children are still growing and they are getting their strength, developing physical skills, they get there coordination, learn to ride bikes, play tennis etc…
    Intellectual:Rapid learning in school, beginning of moral development, learning what’s right and wrong, being educated, reading/writing, numeracy, problem solving socialization making friends
  • Social 4-9 years

    Social 4-9 years
    social:Start School and learning how to co-operate learn about team work and build relationships, making friends that you can socialize.
    Emotional:Self-Confidence is developing, start to mature, learning to trust, beginning of independence.
  • Physical 10-18 years old

    Physical 10-18 years old
    Physical:Puberty occurs; this includes forming breasts, pubic hair, more body fat, and the start of periods. In boys, growth of testes and penis, facial hair pubic hair, voices brake.
    Intellectual:School/ College, thinking skills have developed, develop abstract thoughts, your fully developed but your still learning, still in the education system, still able to learn by observing and all the other ways such as through reading books.
  • Socail and Emotional 10-18years old

    Socail and Emotional 10-18years old
    Social:You can have boyfriends/ girlfriends that you have intimate relationships with; you may make bigger friendship groups that maybe make more mature relationships.
    Emotional:Self confidence, more independent, behaviour will change due to puberty, grow up, and develop friendships, your peer relationship start becoming more important than maybe your relationship with your mum and dad.
  • Physical 19-65years old

    Physical 19-65years old
    Physical:Menopause can happen 50+. Your periods stop, hormones are imbalanced and this can cause hot flushes, it’s important to stay healthy and exercise.
    Intellectual:Throughout life you maintain your intellectual development, acquiring new skills, getting training that you need.
  • Social and Emotional

    Social and Emotional
    Social:Your beliefs can strengthen as you get older, and what you believe in may change or develop, you may want to get married and start a family and raise your children.
    Emotional :Independence, Emotionally mature, think about starting a family and get married strong self confidence, long term emotional commitment.
  • Emotional 65+

    Emotional 65+
    Decreased confidence,be aware or the younger generation around you,maybe scared to go out,family becomes more more important again,make frends,care of grand children.
  • Physical 65+

    Physical 65+
    Physical:Ageing; Loosing strength, Your bones and muscles get weaker, you may be less able to do things, and you might also have less stamina and energy
  • Intellectual 65+

    Intellectual 65+
    Thoughout life,mental processes slow down,harder to learn new things and it will take longer to learn them.
    when you reach retirment age,you may have more money to spend which mean you will have more leisure time do things like making new friends and building relationships witch grand children and other family.
  • Final stages of life.

    Final stages of life.
    Ageing:You need a lot more attention,like healp with maybe walking or bathing,and getting dressed.
    Throughout life:Demental/Alzheimer's people who have this can forget things go back to acting like a baby.
  • Final stages of life.

    Final stages of life.
    Social:You need people around you mou more as you may get lonely,you are more dependent on relationships you have with people,you may also need to be cared for and have your family around you.
    Emotional:your confidence can become very low and you may become dependent on people.
  • Period: to

    Final stage of life.

    Physical:Ageing:You need a lot more attention,like help with maybe walking or bathing,and getting dressed.
    Thoughout life life:Dementia/Alzhelimer's,people who have this can forget things they have learnt and may go back to acting like a baby.