Summer of 2012

  • Kickball

    It was our first day of summer. We played kicked ball. We lost 1 game and won the rest. It was a fun day.
  • Fireworks

    We shot fireworks. We mostly shot of bottlerockets. We also shot them at the river and at home. It was funny when our neighbous got caught for shooting fireworks.
  • Waterworld

    Waterorld had many fun rides. They had speed slides and a waterrollercoaster. It's america's biggest waterpark. It was awesome.
  • Wyoming

    We travled through wyoming. It was flat like Iowa. It was hilly. We saw the world's smallest town.
  • Yellowstone

    We went to Yellowstone it was awesome. We ment friends from Germany. We saw moose. It was cool to see the bauffalo shake the tree.
  • City Mueseum

    City Mueseum
    Me and my cousins went to City Mueseum. It was fun and we went on the roof. There was a ferris wheel. We went down a 10-story slide.
  • Grandparents 50th

    Grandparents 50th
    We celebrated at a nice resteruant. It was good food. We saw lots of family. There was big cake.