• 7 is done.

    7 is done.
    I just got done with 7th grade. We played dodgeball, kick ball i think, I also got $30 for passing 7th grade (suckers). I also spent it on (Seriousness big eye face) Rapid airsoft gun. :3
  • Road trip?

    Road trip?
    I hear word of a road trip to Arkansas and Florida. Not sure.
  • Truth in the rumor

    Truth in the rumor
    It was confirmed that we are going to Arkansas and Florida.
  • SLCC

    I packed my bags for a camp and left. I've been going there 4 years strait. I went Polar bear Swimming
  • Leaving the house

    Leaving the house
    We packed our bags loaded them up and left.
  • Serous Burns

    Serous Burns
    I stepped on Fire Coral.
  • Fighting Hells Army Again

    Fighting Hells Army Again
    Back to School. sigh