Summer of 2012

  • Last day of 7th grade

    Last day of 7th grade
    We had a kickball tournament for the whole middleschool. Then we watched videos and did other fun stuff. We also handed in our computers that day. At the end of the day the middleschool participated in a kickball tournament.
  • Omaha zoo trip

    Omaha zoo trip
    We went to the omaha zoo as a family trip. We left at about 7:00 a.m. so we could get there before it got too hot. We saw all the complexes like we always do but my favorite is the aquarium. We got home at about 5:30 p.m. and that was my family trip to the zoo.
  • Camping at yankton dam

    Camping at yankton dam
    I went with my grandparents to a four day camping trip to yankton. We tried to go fishing at night but I kept falling off the boat dock, so instead we decided to fish with the boat during the daytime. Then i went home on the tuesday after that weekend. I had alot of fun.
  • 4th of July

    4th of July
    We went to my uncle Eric's sisters house in Alcester for fireworks. I got alot of fire crackers and bottle rockets. We also had something called a helicopter firework but those kept on hitting people and their cars. We all had fun there and i still have some bottle rockets left over.
  • Moms birthday celebration

    Moms birthday celebration
    We celebrated my moms birthday by going to the south pit. We went there to swim now that you can swim there. It was a good day to go because not many other people were there that day. My mom enjoyed her birthday.
  • my cousin Joshua's birthday party

    my cousin Joshua's birthday party
    We celebrated my cousin's 2nd birthday at the park. He didn't want to share his cake or his cupcakes. If you asked for one he'd yell no. It was a fun day.
  • First day of 8th grade school year

    First day of 8th grade school year
    It was good and bad to be back at school. Good because we got our laptops and got to see our friends. Bad because it's boring. However we can always try to make the best of our last year in middle school.