Suez Crisis 1956

By vonlind
  • Egypt Nationalizes Suez Canal

    Egypt Nationalizes Suez Canal
    "President Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt announces nationalization of the Suez Canal." (Pic Source:
  • Period: to

    Suez Crisis Timeline of Events

  • Diplomatic Talks

    Diplomatic Talks
    "Britain, France, and the US hold diplomatic talks on rapid escalation of Suez Crisis. The following day Britain mobilizes armed forces." (Pic Source:
  • International Conference in London

    International Conference in London
    "International conference of 22 nations held in London on Suez Crisis. Nasser refuses to attend." Nations attempt to find a diplomatic solution. (Pic Source: Corbis)
  • Nasser Rejection

    Nasser Rejection
    "Nasser rejects all 18 plans for international management of the canal." (Pic Source: "This audio was first broadcast on 10 September, 1956"
  • Suez Canal Users Association

    Suez Canal Users Association
    Britain, France and the US go ahead with "plans for a Suez Canal Users Association despite Egypt’s rejection." (Pic Source: Getty Images)
  • Protocol of Sèvres

    Protocol of Sèvres
    "Protocol of Sèvres signed in Paris in secret by Britain, France, and Israel."
    Source: Oxford University.
    Link:' >Protocol Document</a
  • Israel Invades

    Israel Invades
    "Israel invades Gaza Strip and Sinai Peninsula." Troops start fight toward the Suez Canal Zone. Diplomacy has failed. "Two days later Britain and France start bombing campaign in order to reopen the canal. Nasser responds by sinking 40 ships." (See Image) (Pic Source:
  • UN First Emergency Meeting

    UN First Emergency Meeting
    "First emergency meeting of United Nations General Assembly to discuss Suez." (Pic Source: UN)
  • Anglo-French Invasion

    Anglo-French Invasion
    "English and French Forces land at Port Said in northeastern Egypt". "This was first broadcast on 5 November, 1956, the day British and French forces landed in Egypt."
  • Fighting Condemnation, Eden Calls Cease-Fire

    Fighting Condemnation, Eden Calls Cease-Fire
    "US, USSR, and the UN condemn British and French military action. British Prime Minister Anthony Eden calls for cease-fire after more pressure from US." American diplomacy thus prevented more violence. (Image shows Anti-Suez Protest. Pic Source: Getty Images) "The news was announced on the BBC Home Service at 1800 hours on 6 November, 1956."
  • UN Troops Arrive

    UN Troops Arrive
    "First United Nations troops land at Port Said." (Pic Source: UN/DPI)
  • British and French Withdrawal

    British and French Withdrawal
    "Britain reluctantly withdraws it's military presence from Egypt under intensified US pressure." The full withdrawal completed December 23rd. (Pic Source: LIFE) "This was first broadcast on 22 December, 1956 - the day British forces withdrew from Egypt."