Style of Football equiqment

  • The Ball

    The Ball
    The Football was made for picking the ball and running with, it was preferred over kicking it
  • Shoulder pads

    Shoulder pads
    Shoulder pads were brought in to protect the upper torso from getting hurt.
  • The pants

    The pants
    The pants were invented to protect the lower body of the legs from breaking bones with padding little padding.
  • Helmet

    This was the first style of helmet made in 1893.
  • Shoes (cleats)

    Shoes (cleats)
    Cleats were made to be able to have a grip on the grass so you will not sleep or fall on the ground.
  • Helmet with face mask

    Helmet with face mask
    The face mask put on the helmet helps you from getting hit in the face.
  • The ball now

    The ball now
    The balls made now are way better and easier to grip and catch.
  • The Pants now

    The Pants now
    The pants now are still the same but made with better and more comfortable material you run way looser than you did back then.
  • Shoulder pads now

    Shoulder pads now
    The shoulder pads now are way better now because there is more padding and protection on all of them and you can add stuff to them if you need more protection.
  • The Cleats shoes now

    The Cleats shoes now
    The Cleats now are way better they also look way better you have the option to choose which one is more comfortable for your foot.
  • The Facemask now

    The Facemask now
    The face mask is now way safer than before you also have different options you can choose from.
  • The Helmet now

    The Helmet now
    The helmets now are way safer than back then you do not have to worry bout concussions now because there is way more padding in the helmets and some have readers to see how hard you have been hit.