planning to produce a music production

  • write up about the song and first main rehearsal

    write up about the song and first main rehearsal
    we written about the song we will be producing and who it will be the audience seeming as we are covering nirvana we are mainly directed to the the fans of the band this would help the songs popuality when it's placed onto social media. our first practice was straight away great cause we worked great as a band. dominic learned the tabs fast. tom knew the drum beat when he heard the song. callum got the bass sorted. me as a vocalist had to learn the lyrics but after a while that was sorted.
  • second rehearsal

    this is when we'll be practicing the song that we'll be playing and recording. this'll mean practicing me trying to get the words right
  • the deadline of planning

    this is when i will stop planning and start acting upon what we are to do. we will also be taught on how to use the new mixing desk and after the tourtorial we will have a short rehearsal just to get the song perfect.
  • some more practice before the real thing

    just before we record the song we will have a few minutes to practice a band then we'll record the guitar frist with a clip track
  • recording the guitar track and the drums

    this is the first recording session
  • bass and vocal recording

    this is the final recording
  • completely fixing the tracks

    this'll mean getting rid of unwanted sounds, possibly the click track or some breaths this will fix up the track so it's good enough to release to the track to the public. this will include compressing it and equalizing it
  • here we shall release the track to the public

    release date of floyd the barber cover.
  • end of assignment