Strengthening Government

  • Constitution replaces Articles of Confederation

    The newly revised Constitution strengthens the federal government and gave the power to tax
  • Louisiana Purchase

    Dobled the size of the United States and the first time governemnt had used federal funds to buy land.
  • Civil War- end of slavery

    Presidet uses power to wage war upon the Confederacy and forced them to submit to legistlation and granting slavs their freedom.
  • 18th Admendment

    Prohibition showed the governmnet interfeering with the personal lives of its citizens in a way it hadnt before.
  • Immigration Act of 1924

    Limited the number of immigrants who immigrated to the United States. Limited the amout of immigrants to 2%.
  • New Deal

    Increased Social Security and Welfare
  • Formation of NATO

    International military alliance strengthened both the US and all allies defenses.
  • Brown v. Board

    Declared state laws establishing segregation unconstitutional. Gave government power to integrate.
  • Medicaid

    After the Vietnam War the veterans coming back needed medical assistance. Medicare and Medicaid was established.
  • Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

    ObamaCare. Healthcare reform to private healthcare companies.