Stellaris Gjallarhorn Timeline

  • Foundation Gjallarhorn

  • Discovery of the CUTE swarm

  • Period: to

    Age of Discovery

  • Period: to

    The First Reformation

    Hmm so guys, you know about the whole "pacifism thing" *points at the small crown of purifiers insulting each other*. *Later* Palpatine : And with these newfound powers I shall form the Preventive Defence Force under the sole jurisdiction of the President of Gjallarhorn ! For a safe and SECUURE society !
  • Katalians declared tastiest !

    Katalians declared tastiest !
  • The Great Troll

    -Katalia : Yo Yaanari Hierarchy, look over there,another exterminator.
    -Yaanari : Yes, very worrying.
    -Katalia : *grabs planet*
    -Yaanari :... dafuk.
    -Katalia : It was in my territory for centuries and is an ancestral part of my nation.
    -Yaanari : a) you only had ftl for like 2 decades, b) this system is right on MY border and like a quarter of the galaxy away from your nearest system.
  • First Exterminator Katalia Insult Congress

    Following a number of bad jokes by the kingdom of Katalia and due to their current inability to laser the offenders all Extermination Terminators of the galaxy announced a new galactic congress, exclusive to fellow machines, whose primary point was to meetup for a photo shoot insulting the kingdom of Katalia in a very offfcial fashion.
  • Katalia considers not being pascifist

    The Kingdom considers dropping their pacifism following a terrible insult by someone they don't even know.
    Then we looked at our bank account.
  • Gjallarhorn Expands

    Join Me ! We have a Big Fleet !
  • Ullus Disaster

    Eruxo tribunal leads a large chunk of the Gjallarhorn Preventive Defence Force (PDF) to a crushing defeat at the hands of marauding pirates.
    Their leadership skills are questioned. And some (especially in Katalia) believe the federation military leadership should be made less dependent on each member state to prevent such blunders in the future. This has lead to an increase in support for a more powerful and centralized Gjallarhorn.
  • Foundation of the Galactic Community

  • Period: to

    Katalian Market Crisis

  • Gjallarhorn Fleet Crisis

    CUT3: Ah lemme just kill some Pirates
    Katalia (absent-mindedly): k
    CUT3: How tough are they ?
    Katalia: very weak (goes back to managing ongoing economic crisis) I'll just set my fleet to follow you, do whatever ,they are just pirates.
    <A few moments later>
    Cut3:hmm they look a bit scary... You sure those marauders are weak ?
    Katalia:(drops econ spreadsheet) : wait Marauders ? WAIT WHERE ARE YOU TAKING US !!!!
  • Period: to

    Gjallarhorn Booms

  • Cuteness pushes button

    Wonders why it is eating people.
    why does pushing a button activate stuff ?
    why it is eating people that it worked so hard to create. Cut3: we didn't just spend 10 years coming up with ancient alien chicken mc nuggets
  • Katalia (Secretely) Declares Galactic Intentions

    "Oh god, they all have such long names, are robots or xenophobes... We must kill zem all. But as a respectable member of the Galactic Council..."
  • Weeping Angels Found

    Narrator : 6 winged stone statues honouring an unknown deity lie in a cricle on What a Nice World. Their texture is scaly and they have an otherworldly aura, as if ready to leap into action at any time. Any sentien being looking at this scene could only shud-
    Katalian Scientist #1 : "Wait, what do *we* make statues out off ?"
    Katalian Archeologists Team all turn towards #1.