Starscape Chronology

  • Starscape is created

  • Starscape Discord is created

  • SJ-C - Founded

  • Alpha V 3 is released

    One of the major early updates bringing new content.
  • VC moves to Starscape

    The first iteration of VC under a different alias was founded at 11/10/2016, it wouldn't be until 8/10/2017 that VC would adopt its current name and start gaining more members.
  • 1st Starscape Discord Mods

    ArcticCitadel and AVeryThankfulLad were the first mods appointed by Keth and are now admins in the starscape discord.
  • TBB - Founded

  • New moderators added

    These were Joshchum, xRituai, HighAdmiral, Emdebted.
  • UGH - Founded

  • Civilian Link is founded

    By the amazing, one of a kind, Joshchum
  • Specter - Formed

    xRitual announces the official formation of Specter in #faction-chat.
  • MOPP moves to Starscape

    The Mopp Empire was founded by Juiceboi on another Roblox game known as Galaxy on 9/20/2017
  • UF - Founded

    PEGA and MOPP founded UF. UF was originally named United Frontier.
  • Specter renamed to PEGA

    Specter is officially rebranded into Pegasus as announced in #faction-chat.
  • Largest Update of Starscape's Alpha Phase

    Keth had been working his hardest on major new features as the game had not seen any update since August 31st, 2019. On the following December 19th, the largest update of Starscape's Alpha phase was released, introducing major features such as missions, residential stations, the quick warp menu, more tutorial missions, player dogtags, drone hideout/abandoned spice platform anomalies, and much more! Link to full update log:
  • The Grand Battle of Gatinsir

    PEGA wanted action during a dull timespan. They ganked SJ-C corvettes, declaring war, doing a week of hit and runs. On 2/10/20 10th, 2020, xRituaI was trapped in Gatinsir station by SJ-C forces for an ~hour. Ritual reset, rallied PEGA, while SJ-C did as well. After a 2 hour standoff, both sides collided in Gatinsir in the 1st major warship battle in Starscape history. ~1.5 million credits worth of ships were lost, historical as the 1st warship battle (Frigates not added). War agreed to end.
  • LS joins UF

    Lost Souls moves to Starscape and joins the United Federation
  • ORE founded

    ORE was founded by SargentsOfAmerica on Febuary 23 2020
  • DSR - Founded

    DSR (Daedalus Star Republic) officially forms, branching off of Rebacurian Republic. Lucifer524 (EmperorHyperion’s name at the time), led the faction.
  • DSR joins DAGR and AFS

  • Frigate Reveal

    The frigate reveal event happens, and pilots are instructed to go to Nerel. The staff team awaits in the new frigates, dropping blueprints for each when they are killed
  • TSK - Founded

  • Nebula Industries formed

    Nebula Industries was formed by Patwig (Primarily), KuriniD, Wolfie, RedEngeineer and CoverAnt.
  • DSR leaves AFS

    As RR becomes the new head of the alliance when AFS briefly disbands, DSR leaves.
  • DSR - NBI - Allies

  • Battle of Tastae

    The Battle of Tastae was between NBI and UF. UF heavily outnumbered NBI. This was the first ever starscape battle to reach 100 total players, and also the first major battle with frigates.
  • TSK joins NBI in their war against UF

  • Primal Stage steps down from leading TSK

    yougotmail6 is appointed as his succesor
  • MMG - Founded

    This was later name changed to MG at wipe day.
  • Inferno_Mode is elected first Chairman of the AFS

  • TSK joins AFS

  • Inferno_Mode is removed from his position in a coup organized by IanNeal_20

  • 2nd Chairman elections begin, PEGA voted into the AFS

  • UF collapsed

    After xRitual becomes chairman of AFS, the leaders of UF (Juiceboi, deanper, Coolidest) confront xRitual over breaking an alliance rule - that no faction can be in another alliance. The leaders voted xRitual out of his chancellor position in UF, and xRitual denied this decision, banning the other leaders and their high ranks from UF. Over the course of a couple days, the Golden Accord and Genesis alliances formed, with Mopp, LS, and TBB founding GA and Pegasus/VC founding Genesis.
  • Ritual becomes the second chairman of AFS

    Ritual narrowly wins Chairman in a vote later found to be rigged by UGH leader DanXD911
  • Period: to

    UF Civil War

    Involved parties are Genesis and GA.
  • UC - Founded

    The United Corporations initially comprised of the following factions
  • Lagfest Battle of Gatinsir

    Lagfest Battle of Gatinsir
    GA (TBB/MOPP/LS) and SJ-C against VC and VYKDOM in Gatinsir.
  • DSR joins NBI

  • The Battle of Zeluw Si

    Battle of Zeluw Si - This was the final battle of UF civil war. It involved 170 players. Shortly before this battle MMG betrayed Genesis and lowered their numbers. In this battle SJ-C sided with GA. Unfortunatly this battle ended eearly because the game crashed 3 times
  • SJ-C cut ties with GA

  • Historical Markers Added

    Keth Added historical markers for player events (Iolkog, Mazae, Gatinsir, Tastae, Nerel, and Zeluw Si).
  • Staff Ambush

    xRitual, Voltic_Bep, and ArcticCitadel attack civilians in gatinsir who want to see Keth. They are ambushed by several GA alt accounts in edicts with a "toothpaste skin", blocked from the station, and killed.
  • Period: to

    Tech week

    This week had all items buyable for 1 credit.
  • DSR renamed to HYPE

    This changes from a republic to a dictatorship.
  • HYPE leaves NBI and DAGR

  • TSK leaves AFS

  • Public Beta

    This was known as "wipe day." This was the transition from alpha to beta. Starscape is Released to the public without an entry fee.
  • NBI forms a NAP with GA

    This small event eventaully caused the 1st Galactic War
  • CULT affiliates with Genesis

  • Cultist Awox

    Upon finding out that the Cultists were using Genesis to gain power and betray them, Genesis led the Cultists to a wild system and destroyed their frigate fleet.
  • M-Gang - Founded

  • ENVY formed

    ENVY was formed by hezrock, OverseerNooter and 19wongs4
  • Battle of Muex

    Genesis vs GA, NBI & .SU. GA, NBI & .SU is thought to have won.
    Casualty Estimates:
    ~10/20 NBI
    ~22/29 Genesis
    ~10-15/50 GA according to GA
    ~20-30/50 GA fighter according to Genesis
    ~ 0 .SU
  • Blackhawks - Founded

    The Blackhawks Starscape faction is founded, with many of its members shifting over from Galaxy.
  • 1st Big Gatinsir Skirmish

    HYPE and NPC skirmish Genesis at Gatinsir. This is one of the large scale battles that occurred after public beta.
  • SA - Founded

    SA is formed by HYPE, SND and PRISMA. NPC joins soon after.
  • COV - Founded

  • OverseerNooter removed from ENVY

    OverseerNooter was removed from ENVY for racism. He then formed ICIS which turned into L-SC
  • API - Founded

  • SND merges into HYPE

  • Version Version 1.3.0

    The patch notes are to big to fit so here is the link to the discord message,
    Notable additions are the kodiak and being able to make your inventory/storage a list, 4 boxes wide or 6 boxes wide
  • OU - Founded

    The Olivavan Union is founded.
  • HYPE - SJ-C - Friendly


    HYPE officially declares war on BORG.
  • ALY merges into HYPE

  • HYPE - BORG skirmish

    HYPE wins a skirmish against BORG at Onoob.
  • Version 1.4.0

  • Mail steps down as leader of TSK

    37087 became the new leader
  • The Alliance of Free Systems collapses

  • CoV joins Genesis

  • Cosmos - Founded

    A branch off of Astral Knights, originally made to create a faction that would surpass them.
  • Scepticy betrayal

    Scepticy betrays T-SA and HYPE, leading to a loss of 10 frigates to GA. T-SA disbands soon after. This is what basically killed SA.
  • Gates - Discovery

    9 gates located in hidden systems around the edges of the map were found by the community within a few hours of the first. The origins of the gates remain unknown.
  • NOTO is founded

    NOTO is released into the public view, at the time comprising of TSK, ABYSS, GEA, TGCA, ALAS, FF, STU, NPC, and HYPE.
  • SA - Disbanded

    HYPE and NPC leave SA. It is more or less disbanded at this point. Soon after, HYPE+NPC join NOTO.
  • ToS - Formed

    The Olivavan Union conflicts with TritonOne, who leaves and creates the Titans of Space.
  • ISC - Founded

    The Industrial Supply Company (ISC) is founded by former L-SC HR, SpaceJPMorgan, as a response and coup against and to rapid escalation of tension caused by problematic leader OverseerNooter.
  • COV leaves Genesis

    COV leaves genesis and the military branch is entirely disbanded by Rox_Katze who steps down from leadership entirely. Afterwards Sanguineum and Skilledsniper1 took leadership. However from here on out, the faction is relatively dead, the few remaining active members dispersing into PEGA with the leader joining VC
  • M-Gang joins UC

    After about a months worth of waiting M-Gang was voted into the United Corporations. This was an alliance of NBI, ORE, MG, and TV at the time.
  • ISC buys BORG

    BORG is bought by ISC, HYPE declares a victory and ends the war.
  • API joins UC

    API was voted into United Corporations. This was an alliance of NBI, ORE, MG, TV, and M-Gang at the time.
  • NOTO Rally

    NOTO rallies 77 frigates, larger than recent GA and Genesis (without SJ-C) rallies, attracting the attention of xRitual and ArcticCitadel.
  • The Death of Paragons

    SJC and G.A Forces fight in Gatinsir in a Battle which would shape the Starscape Meta. With the ending of the Battle, the Era Of Fighters and it’s Meta would mark a course in history until the 1.5 Update. Paragons becoming less in the Meta with the rise of the Luminar and Claymore replacing it.
  • EmperorHyperion statement to leave HYPE.

    EmperorHyperion declares his intent to step down as leader within two weeks, with kronos524 as his successor.
  • 1st Solo Battleship

    MG member Cyka_ChickenM8 soloed a battleship https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjs2u1wykTc&t=677s
  • ORE - Leader Change

    TortillaTom became the leader of ORE.
  • NOTO - NBI - KOS

  • The Civilian Index - Private Alpha

    The Civilian Index (bot) was created.
  • BH and VC form a NAP

  • NOTO - Genesis - NAP

    NOTO prepares to work with Genesis to fight UC+GA, setting the foundations for Sovereign. Later that day, NOTO officially declares a NAP with Genesis, leading to GA+MG declaring war.
  • Period: to

    1st Galactic War

    The First Galactic War begun with NOTO, SJ-C and ISC siding with Genesis against UC and GA.
  • Retribution - Founded

    Gigalliance. United Corporations and Golden Accord allied, creating an alliance between two alliances. The initial name was the Holy Mango Alliance until the official name Retribution was voted on a few days later.
  • Cosmos is formally voted into NOTO

  • Exo joins UC

    EXO was voted into United Corporations. This was an alliance of NBI, ORE, MG, TV, M-Gang, and API at the time.
  • Sovereign - Founded

    Gigalliance. Sovereign is officially formed by Genesis and NOTO, with ISC soon joining. https://youtu.be/WnAb7PPseiA
  • EmperorHyperion steps down from HYPE.

    kronos524 is now the leader of HYPE.
  • First EVA Battleship

    A drone battleship was killed in EVA with the only source of damage being pistols. There was a ceasefire between GA and Genesis, later broken by Siva in an attempt to steal the polaris blueprint that dropped from the battleship.
  • Version 1.5.0

    Full patch notes are here, https://discord.com/channels/479439251990118410/592426105223381002/770814119598751764
    Notable additions are flak guns, warp disruptor revamp, limited inventory and the player market
  • The Poison Ball Pit

    The Poison Ball Pit
    The 1.5 update caused a bug where poison would not detonate and despawn. The commercial station at Harbour was quickly flooded with over 2000 poison grenades. This was patched and a historical marker was left at the station.
  • BH joins Genesis

  • Sovereign Rally

    Sovereign rallies over 175 pilots, leading to several crashes over 5 servers.
  • The Civilian Index - Public Beta

    This bot is now widely used in many starscape servers.
  • ToS collapses and OU revives

    OU revives with new focus on being a pirate faction.
  • Starscape Chronology - Founded

    The Starscape Chronology is created by XxGeneralBladexX to record the history of Starscape. This was managed in APC (Advisory Publications Corp)
  • API leaves UC

    API has left United Corporations. This remained as an alliance of NBI, ORE, MG, TV, M-Gang, and EXO at the time.
  • IF merges into HYPE

  • Retribution Rally

    Retribution rallied 145 players today split up in 2 systems, 120 in one system and the rest in another. They all fired at once and the server crashed.
  • OU collapses

    This is due to inactivity.
  • OU is disbanded

  • API merges with COSMOS

  • APC merges into CL

    The Starscape Chronology and Political Chart resides under CL now. APC is dissolved by XxGeneralBladexX.
  • NOTO discord server deleted

    NOTO members massping Somnium, the owner of the server, and the NOTO server is deleted.
  • Juno, Junta, and Cosmos merge into JERRY

    Juno, Junta, and Cosmos merge into one faction under the name of Jericho Initiative, with the tag of JERRY
  • The Diplomatic Hot Soup Part 1

    VC decides to withdraw from sovereign out of a sudden following Rox and Siva's decision to leave for MORI, Siva would rejoin VC soon after. NOTO & ISC leave within the same hour, no longer finding the coalition fulfilling their original intent of working with Genesis. GA declares victory for the 1st deluxe alliance war. ISC betrays NOTO and jumps over to UC, JPMorgan claims that there has been a long term plan to destabilize Sovereign and annex NOTO. Read Part 2.
  • The Diplomatic Hot Soup Part 2

    Coordinator cuts ties with NOTO and ISC. HYPE members are requested to leave CI after Coord is found badmouthing NOTO and knew about ISC's plans. CI is disbanded within the hour due to most of its manpower coming from HYPE. After the events of the Diplomatic Hot Soup from the day before, Pega has left Genesis and joined Noto. Genesis died soon after. VC signed a defensive pact with retribution soon after.