Spain - 1902 to 2014

  • Period: to


  • The Tragic Week

    The Tragic Week
  • The Crisis of 1917

  • Failure of the Liberal State

  • Period: to

    Primo de Rivera´s dictatorship

  • Period: to

    Wall street crash

  • Primo de Rivera was forced to resing

  • Period: to

    The Second Republic

  • Constitution of 1931

    Constitution of 1931
  • General José Sanjurjo attempted against the government

    He attempted a right-wing coup against the government
  • The Casas Viejas Massacre forced the government to hold a new election

  • The Catholic party CEDA

    This party joined the government, led by José María Gil-Robles
  • A new coalition government took over

    it was led by the socialist Francisco Largo Caballero
  • General Franco was named Generalisísimo of the Nationailst Army

  • Period: to

    The battle for Madrid

  • Period: to

    Spanish Civil War

  • Streets Battles in Barcelona

  • Period: to

    Bttles of Jarama and Guadalajara

  • Period: to

    offensive in Northern Spain

  • The attempted coup

    The Generals José Sanjurjo, Emilio Mola and Francisco Franco led a military coup against the government
  • Fundamentals laws

    Franco replaced the constitution of 1931 with fundamentals laws
  • Period: to

    Franco´s Dictatorship

  • Franco established a parliament

    It only advised him and had no real powers
  • Spain and The United States signed the Pact of Madrid

  • Spain joined the UN

  • The Spanish economy grew

  • Juan Carlos was named Franco´s successor

  • Luis Carrero Blanco was named prime minister

  • King Juan Carlos I became the new head of state

  • Franco died

  • Period: to

    The Transition

  • The UCD won the general elections

  • Period: to


  • The new constitution was approved

    The new constitution was approved
  • Suárez won a general elections after the constitution was approved

  • Suárez resigned

  • Leopoldo Calvo Sotelo was named the new prime minister

  • Spain joined the EEC

  • Period: to

    Aznar´s governments

  • Joined the euro

  • Period: to

    Zapatero´s gobernment

  • explosion on trains

  • PSOE won the general elections

  • Period: to

    Rajoy´s government

  • Felipe VI becomes King

    King Juan Carls abdicated and Felipe VI became the new head of state.