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Southwestern and India's Nationalism

  • The Hindu Indian National Congress

    The Hindu Indian National Congress
    the largest and mostly known Indian public organization, and influence of the Indian Independence Movement.
  • Abd al-Aziz Ibn Saud

    Abd al-Aziz Ibn Saud
    He was member of a once-powerful Arabian family, began a suc- cessful campaign to unify Arabia.
  • Muslim League

    Muslim League
    Political organization of India and Pakistan founded by Aga Khan III.
  • Indians return home from war

    Indians expected Britain to fulfill its promise. Instead, they were once again treated as second-class citizens.
  • Rowlatt Act

    Rowlatt Act
    Allowed the government to jail protesters without trial for as long as two years.
  • Rowlatt Act Protested and Armistice Massacre

    Rowlatt Act Protested and Armistice Massacre
    Around 10,000 Hindus and Muslims flocked to Amritsar, a major city in the Punjab. Nearly 400 Indians died and about 1,200 were wounded.
  • Greek soldiers invaded Turkey

    Greek soldiers invaded Turkey
    Threatened to conquer it., turkish sultan was powerless to stop the Greeks.
  • Strikes and Demonstration

    Strikes and Demonstration
    Thousands of Indians arrested for srikes and demonstration through all 1920.
  • Persian Officer Takes Power

    Persian Officer Takes Power
    British tried to take over all of Persia and triggered a nationalist revolt in Persia so Persian army officer seized power.
  • Mustafa Kemal

    Mustafa Kemal
    He successfully led Turkish nationalists in fighting back the Greeks and their British backers.
  • Oil Large Investments

    Oil Large Investments
    Between the 1920's and 1930's, European and American companies discovered enormous oil deposits in Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, so foreign businesses invested huge sums of money to develop these oil fields.
  • Salt March

    Salt March
    Indians began to make their own salt by collecting seawater and letting it evaporate.
  • British Parliament passed the Government of India Act

    Provided local self-gov- ernment and limited democratic elections, but not total independence.