Southern Culture2

  • Foundation of Jametown

  • First African Americans come to NA

  • Foundation of Plymouth colony, now MA

    religioius reasons
  • MA Bay Colony

    religious reasons
  • Indentured servants lbegin to ive out their contracts

    conditions were hard and diseases prevalent that few of them were able to survive the seven year contracts.
  • Civil War Begins

    The firing on Fort Sumpter
  • Civil War Ends

  • Period: to


    sharecropping -- sharecroppers do not own the land themsevlves. They are laborors (tenant farmers) who contract with the owner of a piece of land and farm it for a share of the proceeds. Have to pay for equipment, seeds, rents for their lodgings. Sometimes they would start out the year already in debt.
  • Beginning of industrialization

    The South first starts to consider industry (manufacturing) instead of agriculture as an economic enterprise. Henry W. Grady is the editor of the Atlanta Journal and Constitution and advocates the movement into the industrialization of the South. He says, "Bring the mills to the cotton."