Southern Culture

  • Foundation of Jamestown

  • First Africans come to the Country

  • Foundation of Plymoth colony

  • Foundation of MA Bay colony

  • Indentured servents live out there contracts

    Conditions were so bad and diseases spreading, very few of them were living out there contracts.
  • Civil War Began

    Firing on Fort Summter
  • Civil War Ends

  • Period: to


    Sharcropping-labors who contract with owners of a piece of land and farm it and share of the crop. The farmers would have to pay for equipment, seed, rent, and most of the time would start out the new year in debt.
  • Beginning of the Industrialization

    The south first starts the concider industry instead of agriculture as an economic enterprice. Henry W Grady is the most famous of the spokes people in thisw Industrialization. "Bring the mills to the cotton."