Southeast Asia Timeline

  • Jun 14, 1200

    the arrival of the Thais

    the arrival of the Thais
    In the 1200s the Thais from Southern China settled in the Khemar area. Around the same time Buddhism was introduce from the earlier India and Sir Lanco and began replacing Hinduism in the region. Buddhism is now the main religon.
  • Jun 13, 1500

    Colonization of Southeast Asia

    Colonization of Southeast Asia
    European powers started colonizing Southeast Asia during th 1500s. Led by Portugal, European powers came to region in search of spices and other trade goods. European started to settle in Southeast Asia.
  • Jun 13, 1521

    Ferdinand Magellan's discovery

    Ferdinand Magellan's discovery
    Ferdinand Magellan discovered the philippines and claimed the island for Spain. The Spainards who followed him to colonize, trade and spread Roman Catholism. The region still remains their faith today.
  • arrival of Dutch traders

    arrival of Dutch traders
    The Dutch traders drove the Portugess out of much of their region. The Dutch gained controll of the tea and spices on what became the Dutch Indies which is known as Indionesiaportugal kept only the small part of the island Timor.
  • The Period of French and British Colonization

    The Period of French and British Colonization
    In the 1800s the British and the French set up with plantation, railroads, and mines. Many people from China and India came to work in the colonies. The British and french spread Christanity as well.
  • U.S. ownership of the Philippines

    U.S. ownership of the Philippines
    The U.S. entereed the region when it won the philippines from spain after the spanish american war. In the early 1900s colonial power ruled most of the region. only Siam, now Thailand, was never colonized, although it lost land.
  • the WWII Japanese invasion of the Philippines

    the WWII Japanese invasion of the Philippines
    Japan invaded the occupied most of Southeast Asia. After japan lost th war the U.S. joined in to help. Soon the other people in the region also began to fight for thier independence.
  • the civil wars in Cambodia

    the civil wars in Cambodia
    Civil wars are in Cambodia,and Loas, . Communist forces took over both Cambodia and Laos.The government in Cambodia was brudal by causing deaths. Then in 1978 vietnam helped overthrow Cambodia's goverrnment.
  • the Vietnam

    the Vietnam
    The Vietnamese had suffered under French colonial rule for nearly six decades when Japan invaded portions of Vietnam in 1940. It was in 1941, when Vietnam had two foreign powers occupying them, that communist Vietnamese revolutionary leader Ho Chi Minh arrived back in Vietnam after spending thirty years traveling the world.Having gained support for their cause in northern Vietnam, the Viet Minh announced the establishment of an independent Vietnam with a new government called the Democratic R.
  • the emergence of Khemar civilization

    the emergence of Khemar civilization
    Khemar controlled a large empire in what is now Cambodia.