South Africa- Apartheid

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  • Dutch arrived at the Cape

    Dutch arrived at the Cape
    The Dutch arrived at the Cape and established a colony there
  • Great Trek

    Great Trek
    The movement of Dutch-speaking colonists up to the interior of Southern Africa in search of land where they could establish their own homeland, independent of the British rule
  • Britain-Transvaal-Orange Free State

    Britain forces the Transvaal and Orange Free State into the British Empire
  • Union of South Africa formed

    Union of South Africa formed
    Racial discrimination was allowed and much authority (self-rule) was given back to Transvaal and Orange Free State. The Boers became the largest group of voters and former Boer commando leaders eventually became leaders of South Africa.
  • National Language

    Hertzdog make Afrikaans the National language (alongside English)
  • South Africa- WW2

    South Africa- WW2
    South Africa allies with Britain against the Nazis. This meant an increase in jobs for Africans in cities. Industry grew as had to be self-sufficient when Britain couldn’t export.
  • The National Party wins election

    The National Party wins election
    The National Party campaigns on apartheid and wins the election, D.F Malian becomes Prime Minister
    United Nations issues Univeral Declaration of Human Rights
  • Population Registration Act

    Population Registration Act
    All people had to be classified into one of three categories: white, coloured or native. (Coloured=mixed-race)
  • Pass Laws

    Pass Laws
    Natives, especially men over the age of 16, must carry a pass book. The book contained the owner’s photo, address, fingerprint, job etc. They were not permitted to leave their house without their passbook. Neither African men nor women could remain in urban areas for 70 hours after permits had expired. The Act’s purpose was to standardise the use of passes thoroughout South Africa. Became rigorously enforced.
  • Bantu Education Act

    Bantu Education Act
    Black children were to be educated differently to those with white parents. They received minimal education and wasn’t taught English or Afrikaans. Furthermore, they were instructed that white people were superior-it was intended to keep them in their place. Strict apartheid in education and limited curriculum for African children.
  • Promotion of Bantu Self-government Act

    Promotion of Bantu Self-government Act
    The government set up Banyustans/self-governing homelands for black people. However, the white Southern African government could overrule any decision made by the Bantustans. The South African government tried to maintain that the homelands were independent countries for black people within South Africa. they were not recognised by foreign governments.
  • Period: to

    The Boer War

    The Boer War consisted of the British army and the Dutch farmers and it was known as a guerrilla war. Boer’s were dominating the war, however, the British killed all their live stock and burned their houses. This resulted in the Boers becoming homeless. Furthermore, the British round up woman and children and sent them to concentration camps in South Africa. 26,000 died. Known as the Nation’s memory.