Son of the Mob by Gordon Korman fiction 262 pages

  • Chapter 1 - Chapter 6 (page 63)

    Vince is introduced along with his family and what his father does for a living. Anthony Luca is a mob boss. Vince goes on a date with Angela O'Bannon and finds the body of one of his dad's emploees in the trunk. Vince doesn't want to be like the rest of his family. (63 pages)
  • Chapter 6 - Chapter 15 (page 522)

    Vince tries to help out some of the people who work for his dad, Ed and Jimmy. They own his father money and he makes up some of it for them. He finds out the company they are investing in to try to get money is a scam run by people who work for his father. Vince tells Kendra who his father is when they almost meet her dad at the mall. (126 pages)
  • Chatper 15 - Chapter 17 (551 pages)

    Kendra and Vince go to dinner that was set up by Ray. Vince has to throw away his cell phone and Kendra stops talking to him. He thinks its because he's not answering his phone but it's because she saw pictures of him taking money from Ed and Jimmy. (29 pages)
  • Chapter 17 - Chapter 20 (595 pages)

    Vince tries to get Kendra back by putting up posters saying "Vote for Kenra and Vince for Homecoming". He finds out that the website he set up for his New Media class has been turned into a place to make bets on horse races by his brother Tommy. He finds out that Ray is the FBI's inside man in the Luca opperation and he gives Ray 48 hours to leave before he tells his dad. Jimmy and Ed burn their places and get away. Vince also finds out that his mother ordered the hit on Calabrese.(44 pages)