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Somalia 1945-present

  • Italian Somaliland

    Italian Somaliland becomes a UN trust territory under Italian control. In 1889 the Italians began to colonize the southern part of Somalia. It was a colony of the Kingdom of Italy.
  • Somali Republic

    British Somaliland became independent. Five days later they were united with the Italian Somaliland. They then bacame know as the Somali Republic. It was bordered by Ethiopia which started out okay but then later led to the war in 1964between Somalia, Kenya and Eithiopia.
  • Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia conflict

    In 1960 up until 1964, there had been many different conflicts with in these 3 countries. Somalia refused to acknowledge the Anglo-Ethiopian Treaty of 1954 which recognized Ethiopia's claim to the Somali-Ethipoian borders. This caused conflict between the two states.
  • Period: to

    Siad Barre seizes power in Somalia

    He seized power in Somalia. He led the military after the coup d'etat said it would adapt a scientific socialism. After the second president was assassinated, the military staged a coup ( Oct 21) and they took over in office.
  • Siad Barre gets leadership.

    Muhammad Siad Barre assumes power in coup after Shermarke is assassinated. He gave a speech to the country called "A Heavy Responsibility". This speech was about writing the Somali Script which is the official language of the country. This helped to start a stable government in Somalia.
  • Period: to


    This was the first drought in Somalia that caused a massive starvation. After WWII, Somalia had been affected economically because they lost supplies. While they were trying to rebuild their colony, a massive drought struck Somalia. This caused the huge decrease of food and supplies which eventually led to the deaths of many Somali's.
  • Somalia's Invasion of Ethiopia

    It was one of the bloodiest wars in east Africa. Somalia invaded the Ogaden "city" of Eithiopia. This was eventually named the Ogaden War. It showed the Soviet airlift and power projection capabilities Somalia had.
  • Somalia rebells against Siad Barre.

    Northern Somalia rebelled against Mohammed Siad Barre. A civil war resulted in this. Barre had made Somalia into a social state. This made the Somali's upset. The USSR was then able to take control. They began to attack different clan-based groups who were opposed to their new rule.
  • Peace accord with Ethiopia.

    Somalia and Ethiopia made a peace accord with eachother. Was signed signed in Addis Ababa at the headquarters of the African Union. The agreement says that the Ahlu Sunna Wal-Jamaa military will be encorperated into the Transition Federal Govenment of Somalia.
  • Mohamed Siad Barre is put out of power.

    Siad Barre was put out because the military dictatorship fell. He ruled for 21 years. He fled Somalia and left it without central authority. It was on the edge of mass starvation and a civil war was approaching. This started the feuding of the clans and their militias.
  • Civil War

    This has caused destabilisation throughout the country. The Somali government lost a huge control of the state to the rebel forces. There was no stable government to take control of the country. The UN assisted Somalia somewhat with food aid, but did not send peacekeeping troops into the country.
  • British Somaliland declares Independence

    The former British Somaliland declared independce. After the breakdown of the central government of the Somali Republic, parts of the area (which formerly included British Somaliland) declared independence. In May 2001 the formation of the "Republic of Somaliland" was formed. This is a new and imporved form of the original Somali Republic.
  • Somaliland Breaks away

    Somaliland broke away and they held a democratic presidentioal election. They didn't win any international recognition. Former British of Somaliland declares independence.
  • Somalia Pirates

    70 percent of the local coastal communities "strongly support the piracy as a form of national defense of the country's territorial waters". A task force tried to fight the piracy. "In the Gulf of Aden from 86 a year prior to 33, forcing pirates to shift attention to other areas such as the Somali Basin and the wider Indian Ocean." (http://goafrica.about.com/od/africanews/a/pirates.htm)