Socials 10 Fur Trade Assignment

  • Hudsons Bay Company was founded

    Hudsons Bay Company was founded
    When the Hudsons Bay Company was founded in 1670 by a couple of explores by the names of Pierre-Espirt Radisson and Medard Des Grosilliers who convinced Charles II of England to participate in the fur trade. Charles II granted the Hudsons Bay Company with a charter that gave them rights to all lands around the Hudsons Bay drainage basin. This land that was granted to the Hudsons Bay Company would be called the Rupert's land and was one-third of modern Canada.
  • Hundsons Bay Company (C)

    Hudsons Bay Company was managed from London and only the London directors could share in the cmopanies profits. They refused to trade alchohol and never bargained. They held a "stay by the bay" policy and discouraged partnerships with first nations women.
  • Period: to

    Fur Trade

  • Dene and Cree 1780 - 1782

    Dene and Cree 1780 - 1782
    In the North West the Dene and Cree around Hudsons Bay were seriously affected by diseases. Reported twenty nine people in a tribe were ill, and later only three survived.
  • Founding of the North West Company

    Founding of the North West Company
    French traders go deeper inland to make more connections. First Nations people perferred dealing with the french over the English because they wouldn't have to travel to the Hudsons Bay. In 1763 The French fur trade was taken over by English Merchants,. Several of merchants formed the North West Company. The NWC built Fort William on lake Superior.
  • North West Company (c)

    The North West Company was managed from Montreal. Hivernants where trading partners who worked in the Northwest year-round and could share in the companies profits. The North West Company was open to bargianing and would trade alcohol. They explored deeply into the Northwest, setting up forts along the major rivers. the North West Company also encouraged partnerships with First Nations women and all ranks were allowed to marry,
  • Importance of First Nations

    Importance of First Nations
    First Nations of the North West had been involved in the fur trades as trappers, traders and guides.
  • Metis Settle in Red River Vally

    Metis Settle in Red River Vally
    Red River Vally, now known as southern Manitoba, the Metis settled down and had a new way of living because there was eurpoean and native traditions. The Metis began to farm land on the prairies. The lots were long and narrow which started at banks. the Metis could grow hay and also hunted bison.
  • Pemmican Prociamation

    Pemmican Prociamation
    Issued by Miles Macdonelle, he banned the sale and export of pemmician from Red River Vally. This effected the Metis people because they relied on this for trade. the Metis were very happy. The North West Company also werent happy because it helped them get furs.
  • American Border

    American Border
    The american border was formalized (made).
  • HBC and NWC Merge

    HBC and NWC Merge
    Hudsons Bay Company buys the North West Company. Canoes are abanded for york boats. The york boats were used by the Hudsons Bay Comapny and the canoes were used by the North West Company