Social Studies

  • Chernobyl Disaster

    When: April 26th, 1926

    Where: Ukraine

    Who: Soviet Union

    What: A nuclear plant explodes in Ukraine.
  • Winston Churchills "Iron Curtain" Speech

    Who: Winston Churchill

    What: He gave a speech about communism

    Where: Westminster college
  • Gandhi assassination

    Who: Gandhi

    What: Gandhi was killed

    Where: India
  • Israel created

    Who: Israel

    What: Israel declared independence from Britain

    Where: Israel
  • NATO signed

    Who: North American Nations

    What: A treaty was signed

    Where: North America
  • Korean War

    Who: Korea

    What: Korea fought itself

    Where: Korea
  • Chuck Yeager breaks sound barrier

    Who: Chuck Yeager

    What:He broke the sound barrier in his plane

    Where: California
  • Martin Luther King Jr. leads boycott of bus

    Who: Martin Luther King Jr.
    What: Martin Luther King Jr. lead a boycott of buses in AL
    Where: Montgomery, AL
  • Vietnam War

    Who: USA and Vietnam

    What: We fought Vietnam to stop communism

    Where: Vietnam
  • Launch of sputnik I

    Who: Soviet Union

    What: The soviets launched the first satellite

    Where: Space
  • Alaska and Hawaii become states

    Who: Alaska and Hawaii

    What: They became states

    Where: USA
  • Castro takes over Cuba

    Who: Fidel Castro

    What: Castro takes over Cuba

    Where: Cuba
  • U2 shot down over russia

    Who: USA

    What: U2 shot down over Russia

    Where: Russia
  • Bay of pigs Invasion

    Who: USA and Cuba

    What: We invaded Cuba and failed

  • Alan shepard launched into space

    Who: Alan Shepard

    What: First man in space

    Where: Space
  • Berlin wall built

    Who: Soviet Union, Germany

    What: Built a wall around East Berlin

    Where:Berlin, Germany
  • John glenn orbits the earth

    Who: John Glenn

    What: Orbits earth

    Where: Space
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    Who: Soviet Union and USA

    What: The Soviets placed missiles in America

    Where: Cuba
  • President Kennedy assassinated

    Who: JFK

    What: JFK was shot during a parade

    Where: Dallas, Texas
  • Gulf of Tonkin

    Who: Vietnamese, USA

    What: Firings on our destroyers

    Gulf of tonkin
  • Six day war

    Who: Israel

    What: War after tension in Middle East

    Where: Israel
  • I have a dream speech

    Who: MLK jr.

    What: Speech about racism

    Where: Washington, DC
  • Tet offensive

    Who: USA
    What: military campaign in vietnam
  • Neil Armstrong lands on the moon

    Who: USA

    What: We landed on the moon

    Where: Moon
  • Woodstock festival takes place

    Who: Max Yasgur
    What: A music festival
    Where: New York
  • Kent State Demonstration

    Who: Students

    What: Protesters shot

    Where: Kent State
  • RoevV Wade decided

    Who: Supreme Court

    What: Case about abortion

    Where: USA
  • Watergate Scandal

    Who: President Nixon

    What: Cover-up of a break in

    Where: Washington, DC
  • Salt talks

    Who: Nixon

    What: limitation of weaponry between nations

    Where:White House
  • Khmer Rouge takes over Cambodia

    Who: Khmer rouge
    What: Took over Cambodia
    Where: Cambodia
  • Elvis Dies

    Who: Elvis presley

    What: He died in his mansion

    Where: Memphis, Tennessee
  • Unabomber attacks

    Who: Ted Kaczynski

    What: He waged a series of bombings that lasted twenty years

    Where: The United States
  • Camp David Accords

    Who: President and advisors
    What: A series of negotitiations held in secrecy
    Where: Camp David
  • Iran hostage crisis

    Who: USA and Iran

    What: Diplomatic Crisis

    Where: Iran
  • USSR invades Afghanistan

    Who: Soviet Union

    What:USSR invaded Afghanistan

  • Challenger explodes

    Who: USA

    What: Space shuttle explodes

    Where: Upper atmosphere
  • Iran Contra scandal

    Who: US officials

    What: A scandal between us and Iran

    Where: United States
  • Fall of Berlin Wall

    When: November 10, 1988

    Where: Berlin, Germany

    Who: Eastern & Western Germans

    What: Germans destroyed the Berlin Wall.
  • Pan-Am 747 explodes over Scotland

    When: December 21st, 1988
    Where: Scotland
    Who: 270 passengers
    What: A bomb caused an explosion in Scotland.
  • Tiananmen square rally

    Who: Soldiers

    What: Soldiers opened fire on citizens

    Where: China
  • US troops sent to panama

    Who: USA

    What: We invaded Panama

    Where: Panama
  • Persian Gulf War

    When: 1990- 1991

    Where: Iraq

    Who: Coalition forces & Iraq

    What: We responded to Iraq invading Kuwait
  • Rodney King Riots

    Who: Rodney King

    What: Riots in Los Angeles over verdict of Rodney King

    Where: LA
  • Waco Texas standoff

    Who: ATF

    What: A standoff in Waco Texas

    Where: Texas
  • Rwandan Genocide

    Who: The Hutu

    What: 800,000 were killed

    Where: Rwanda
  • Nelson Mandela elected in South Africa

    When: 1994

    Where: South Africa

    Who: Nelson Mandela

    What: Released from prison & elected
  • Oklahoma City Bombing

    Who: Timothy McVeigh

    What: Terrorist bomb attack

    Where: Oklahoma City
  • Princess Diana killed

    Who: Princess Diana

    What: She was killed in a car accident

    Where: Wales
  • Columbine Shootings

    Who: Eric Harris

    What: Shooting at a high school

    Where: Colorado
  • 9/11 attacks

    Who: USA and al-Qaeda

    What: al-Qaeda flew an airplane into the Twin Towers

    Where: New York City
  • War on Terror

    Who: World

    What: War to stop terrorism

    Where: Worldwide
  • Enron Scandal

    Who: Enron

    What: Fraud, largest bankruptcy

    Where: Worldwide
  • Tsunami Hits Southeast Asia

    Who: Asia

    What: Huge Tsunami

    Where: Asia
  • Hurricane Katrina

    Who: New Orleans

    What: A Category 5 hurricane hit New Orleans

    Where: Louisiana
  • Saddam Husseins dies

    Who: Saddam Hussein

    What: He was killed by the USA

    Where: Unknown