Social Issues & Government Policy

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  • AMA

    The American Medical Association started a campaign against abortion unless a woman's life is a risk
  • State laws

    State laws
    Doctors were afraid that midwives would take patients away from them so "every state in America had introduced criminal abortion laws (making narrow exceptions when the procedure was needed to save a woman’s life)."
  • ALI

    With times changing, the American Law Institute released a draft of making abortion legal in a list of circumstances.
  • Movement

    Obstetric and gynaecological care improved causing a movement to begin for looser abortion law.
  • Griswold v Connecticut

    Griswold v Connecticut
    A law was vetoed in Connecticut "prohibiting married couples from using birth control"
  • Roe v Wade

    Roe v Wade
    A case went to court that the abortion laws are unconstitutional. The judge ruled that a legal abortion is a citizens constitutional right. Soon after the decision spread across the United States.
  • Obamacare

    The backlash on President Obama's health care reform resulted in Republicans "to pass a record number of abortion restrictions."
  • Stricter laws

    Stricter laws
    Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio and Utah changed their abortion laws to various degrees of stricter ones.