Smartboard Integration

  • First Meeting

    We met so I could share the requirements of the assignment. We quickly come up with the tech tool to use - Smartboard. We brainstormed which class would be best to introduce it in and agreed on Life Skills.
  • Period: to

    CET 765 Final Project

  • Meeting 2

    Lori and I met to start planning. We agreed to hold off on doing anything for a week so Lori can finish Dakota Step A testing. She has to complete 134 tests by March 1.
  • Planning meeting - Meeting 3

    Lori and met to lay out the unit plan. We set dates for each activity and have a good unit outline.
  • SMART Games - Meeting 4

    Shared vocabulary game idea from SMART Exchange.
  • Working with the SMART Board - Meeting 5

    We worked on some of the basics with the SMART Board - turning it on, pens, opening games, etc.
    We also practiced using BrainPop Jr. on the SMART Board.
  • Building a game and finding a temporary location - Meeting 6

    We ran into a location issue. We had to find another location for one lesson. I also needed to help Lori with a questions she had while making the vocabulary review games.
  • Creating a test - Meeting 7

    We went through how to start a class, add students, and create a quiz.
  • Observation\Co-Teaching 1 - Meeting 8

    Lori and I co-taught the first lesson. The students watched the video, took the quiz, and did the puzzle on the SMART Board.
  • Change Plans due to snow days - Meeting 9

    We had two snow days and need to make adjustments to our schedule. The adjustments include: location, lesson schedule, and scheduling conflicts.
  • Observation 2 - Meeting 10

    I observed the lesson. Studente reviewed vocabulary words by playing "Swat the Flies" on the SMART Board.
  • Using the Clickers - Meeting 11

    Lori and I set up and started a test using the SMART Response Clickers.
  • Last observation - Meeting 12

    I did my last observation. The class took a quiz using the clickers.
  • Last Meeting - reflections

    Lori and I met to talk through everything. We talked through the planning process, lessons, and what Lori can do in the future.