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Skyrealm War III (Fiction)

  • Com-stat O'Donnell Elected

    Com-stat O'Donnell Elected
    Skyrealm Com-stat Robbis O'Donnell is elected as leader of the Skyrealm Empire.
  • Federa-Skyrealm War Ends

    Federa-Skyrealm War Ends
    Com-stat O'Donnell and Supreme Chancellor Vexor sign a peace agreement, ending the 4 year war.
  • Riots on Vulsus

    Riots on Vulsus
    Rioters violently protest the peace treaty signing between Fedra and Skyrealm. Police manage to keep the situation contained to a few pocket areas. Only 20 people are harmed by police, but 2000 deaths are reported from trampling.
  • Riots on Cerna

    Riots on Cerna
    Rioters on Cerna spark up riots all across the planet after hearing about the Vulsus riots. The police are battered and the rioting goes out of control.
  • Period: to

    Cerna Riots

    Rioting on Cerna.
  • Whull Arrives at Cerna

    Whull Arrives at Cerna
    The Skyrealm Naval Fleet (SNF) Ship Whull arrives at Cerna to help police control rioters.
  • Rebellions Begin to Form

    Rebellions Begin to Form
    Rebels join together to plan independence from Skyrealm or any other Galactic Superpowers.
  • Riots at Cerna Stop

    Riots at Cerna Stop
    Riots finally cool down at Cerna. 500 thousand are found dead, and almost 2 million are injured.
  • Pirates Raid Ballamik

    Pirates Raid Ballamik
    Hundreds of pirate ships land and raid on the outer-world of Ballamik. Thousands are killed and the planet loses much of it's militia. The nuetral planet calls to Skyrealm for help.