Shaping America

  • American Revolutionary War #1

    The American Revolutionary War shaped America because this event is what gave us our independence. We broke free from Britain after we fought this war. Britain had control over us once we settled in America. They thought they could control everything that we did and sold but we wouldn't stand for that so we fought for our freedom!
  • The Louisiana Purchase #7

    The Louisiana Purchase doubled America's size. We then could grow economically as well as population wise. This was around the era of the Gold Rush which is one of the effects of The Louisiana Purchase. Without this Purchase of land we could be a crammed little country that is not economically well off.
  • The Invention of Electricity #2

    Without electricity this world would not be as advanced as it is today. Electricity is the world now. We the people could not function without our cell phones, computers, etc. Electricity gives us advances in the medical, education and business world; we can do so much more with t!
  • The Civil War

    The Civil War was also a big test for America. We were fighting; brother against brother. We still have arguments about this touchy topic today. This changed the country because we ended slavery as a result of this and forever put a "wall" up between the North and South.
  • The Emancipation Proclamtion #5

    The Emancipation Proclamation is very important in our history. This announcement gave African-Americans a sense of equality. They now could be free and had the chance to rebel against their holders. Slaves could now think of them selves as "a man" and not a slave.
  • The Assasination of John F. Kennedy #8

    John F. Kennedy was a wonderful person and a strong president. The country looked up to him as a friend, and a leader. This day was so tragic for America. They hightened security of presidents after this day and they also had/have polls to see what the country thinks of this days events; whether or not the killer was working alone and whether or not the goverment had a part in it.
  • The Constitution #6

    The Constitution laid down the skeleton of America. This document gave us a way to run our goverment resonably and orderly. It also gave the people their basic rights. Without the Constitution we could still be the mess that w eonce were before we had a smooth way of running things.
  • The Invention of the Internet #9

    The Internet is how we access everything. We use the internet daily and are so depended on it. The Internet lets us have fingertip access to anything we need at any time. It is such an amazing thing but at the same time it can be terrible because of all of the things we have access to. America would not be the same without the internet because we would have to put all of our trust in books which is such a crazy idea!!
  • 9/11 #3

    9/11 is always going to be a day that America will never forget. On this day we were really tested as a country. This heightened our security everywhere and made us cautious over alot of things. We will truly never be te same becuase of that horrid experience.
  • President Barack Obama #10

    When Barack Obama won the 2009 election, Itave many African-Americans a sense of true equality. This was a huge day for Amercia because now colored people felt that they had "power". Amercia now truly felt equal!