• book in Science

    the book kind of tells that you shouldn't mess with nature or you could mess it up and kill someone
  • venn diagram

    we made a venn diagram of different things and put if they were living, once living, or non-living. Then we took them out and sorted them into biotic and abiotic
  • explaining

    we explained an object to eachother and then tried to guess our partners item, we then wrote a bunch of different explaining properties on the board
  • ؤاثةهؤشم حاغسهؤشم ؤاشىلثس

    اتا لا لثف ةغ ؤخةحعفثق فخ سفخح فغحهىل هى شقشلاهؤ هف تعسف نثثحس فغحهىل هى شقشلاهؤ شىي ىخف ثىلمىهسا ىخ ةشففثق اخص اشقي ه فقغ هف تعسف نثثحس لخهىل هف شقشلاهؤز اثمح ةث
  • changes

    today we talked about physical and chemical changes and properties. we learned that it is hard to reverse a chemical change. we learned that a gas can go to a solid.
  • atomic structure

    we filled out a worksheet using a atom making thing. you could add or take away protons nuetrons electrons. then we took a quiz on it.
  • isotopes and ion's

    what particle determines an ion and what one determens an isotope, an ion is when imbalance of protons or electrons. same element with different masses.
  • periodic table

    we learned about the periodic table and filled out the blanks on an element in google docs than got with someone that we had similar chemical properties.