By k4bughe
  • There is a Hair in MY dirt.

    There is a Hair in MY dirt.
    I learned that without certain Organisms we would not be able to survive. I also learned that Worms decompose many different things anyways. That is how they eat!

    We learned about Abiotic & Biotic. Biotic is living and Abiotic is dead, and/or not living. We put different organsims and sorted them in a Venn Diagramm.
  • The Food Chain

    The Plant has 90% the Herbavore gets 10% of the 90% and then the top gets 10% of the the First 10%.
  • assignments

    we learned about urban sprawl.
  • From Land To Mouth

    We learned about Kilo Joules. We filled out each section from the highest rank being the highest number, and the lower ranks the lowest numbers. It was pretty interesting.

    We catagorized things. We did, things you could find in mr woods closet, and science objects.
  • Describing features!

    We talked about chemical features. Like Atomic weight, color, taste, transparency, translucentcy, texture. It was okay. I got bored. Oh well. I think that we will be doing something with it tomorrow!
  • Windy

    Wind is a physical property of air, because it is when the waves, or tide, get strong, and the tropicals are forced towards our not so tropical area.
  • Chemical/Physical Properties

    Well youcan tell because it will change in color, density, etc.
  • Phase Change

    Well, it changes appearance. It changes the outcome. And it changes the way it works.
  • Physical Chemical Change

    I can tell because it will change in smell if it's Chemical. And it will change its color, or shape if its physical.
  • Physical Chemical Change.

    I learned that Water and cornstartch make Oobleck. And I learned that Salt disolves slower than sugar. and i learned that You can shock people ;)
  • Ion...

    You have to add protons, and neutrons, and make them equal. In number.
  • Scccccience

    What particle termines and ion? and an Isotope? Ion=Proton.
  • Period: to


    1. Because the equator, and how it tilts, and what we are hitting.
    2. Because the equinox's and Solstices!