School stuff

  • Alison Shanks

    On 8th of May 2012 we had Alison Shanks come into our school hall and showed us all her gear. She is the worlds fastest cyclist in the whole of the world. In the picture there is Natasha and Alison. Her bike is really light but they cost $20,000 and in nearly race she has come 1s. WOW!!!
  • Hitachi Heat pumps

    Today we ented a compitition called bring outdoors indoors. we had to bring our favourite thing to do outdoors and make it indoors.
    My class made the Jungle in our class room and what we used was paper, paint and pencils. It looks AWESOME!!!
  • Hitachi heat pumps

    Since we have been voting heaps and it has only been 14 days and we all ready have 1477 votes and it is not finished yet.