Saudi Arabia-Top 10 most important events in the History

By amt4370
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    The Holy Sepulcher Church was built

    The Holy Sepulcher Church was built
    This is when the Holy Sepulcher Church was built inside the walls of Jeruslam. This is the worship place for the Christians in Jerusalem. The holy site is supposely the place where Jesus was buried. This is very important to the Christians for they believe that he was a savior.
  • The Islamic Empire

    The Islamic Empire
    Less than 100 years after the birth of Islam the Empire started to spread throughout Spain and to parts of India and China. The politacal power had moved out of the Arabian Penninsula, trade flourished the area. People began moving into the empire.
  • Muhammad calls for pureafacation

    Muhammad calls for pureafacation
    In 1745 Muhammad calls for pureafacation and the reform of Saudi Arabia, and the Wahhabi movement swept across Arabia. This is important to the Muslims in the bible.
  • The First Saudi State

    The First Saudi State
    In early 1800's a Muslim scholar decided to move back to where now Saudi Arabia is and start the Muslim tradition and churches again. This created the first Saudi State because everyone had come back to the Muslim way.
  • Period: to

    The Arab Revolt

    Britian and France teamed up and forced the Arab Revolt of Saudi Arabia with the thought of making an independent Arab state. This caused an uprising in Saudi Arabia.
  • The country of Saudi Arabia was made a country

    The country of Saudi Arabia was made a country
    The country of Saudi Arabia was made a country and was called the Kindom of Saudi Arabia. The founder was Abd al-Aziz Al Saud. This day is celebrated with feasting and speeches.
  • Oil was Discovered

    Oil was Discovered
    The commercials for oil production started at the start of World War 2. The money from the oil helped the country provide free health care for everyone and education while not collecting taxes to pay for it. In 1998 the country's oil income dropped by 40% because of worldwide decline in prices.
  • Founding of Saudi Arabia Flag

    Founding of Saudi Arabia Flag
    The flag of Saudi Arabia was made in 1973. The sword points to which way the flag is supposed to be hoisted. The Arabic writing says that there is no god but Allah, and that muhammad is his messenger. The green background is the Islamic color.
  • Terrorists Attacks

    Terrorists Attacks
    On September 11, 2001 terrorists attacked the twin towers in New York City. This caused mayhem all over Saudi Arabia. 3 airplanes were crashed onn that day and a 4th was headed for Washington DC but Americans took it back over.
  • King Reshuffles Government

    King Reshuffles Government
    The king reshuffled the government by promoting differnent people and firing other officials. This was a complete reshuffle of the government. He promoted his first female leader to help female education in Saudi Arabia.