Saudi Arabia - Arab Spring

By Shua
  • Protests Begin

    A 65 man starts off the protests by demonstrating in Samtah, Jizan. This demonstration inspired hundreds of other people to rally all over Saudi Arabia.
  • "Day of Rage"

    26,000 members, and a few hundred demonstrating. The demonstrations evolved from destructive to peaceful, back to destructive, and again to peaceful. Back and forth. It was an interesting demonstration.
  • Women's Right to Drive Campaign

    In May,motivated by the Arab Spring, Manal al-Sharif and other women organised a women's right-to-drive campaign, with the main action to take place on 17 June. Al-Sharif drove a car in May and was detained on 22 May and from 23‒30 May.Learn more about it here.
  • Labor Rights Protest

    A protest for labor rights took place in Riyadh with security forces using live fire against protestors, killing four, and arresting medical personnel.
  • Funeral Demonstration

    In the nearly 100,000 strong funeral for Abdallah on 16 January in al-Awamiyah and the daily Qatif region protests that followed, protestors chanted slogans against the House of Saud and Minister of Interior, Nayef.
  • February Protest

    In a 10 February protest an effigy of Nayef was thrown at tanks and participants described Nayef as a "terrorist", "criminal" and "butcher".
  • School Protests

    first-year female students from the science and art faculties at Tabuk University gathered on 8 April 2012 to protest alleged abuse by teachers, favoritism, nepotism and the crowded lecture schedule.