Sachi’s Educational Timeline

  • TCA Kindergarten

    TCA Kindergarten
    I was in kindergarten.My teachers were very nice and were my favorite teachers.This was my first year in the school and that is where I made my first friends. I also had an Elsa themed backpack, do NOT judge.I was only six.A few months later we moved to a different house that looked small from the outside but is actually a mansion.We had to recite poetry and had a lot of games to play.Kindergarten was probably the best grade of my life.We also had tests for reading levels.
  • First Grade

    First Grade
    It was my second year at the school.The teacher was, well, strict but nice.It was also our first year of doing P.E.We also did a winter concert and I didn’t sing.I was an Emcee for first grade and so I got to sit back and watch my friends sing terribly.My grades were the highest in the class except Spanish and Science.I also got an eighty percent in P.E. We also had a lot of History and Grammar lessons. Once we did a readathon and I read the most books.I was such a bookworm.
  • Second Grade

    Second Grade
    In second grade it was our first year of art and I loved it. We had the option to continue art classes or drop out. I instantly decided to continue and so lets just say our home was filled with to many papers of my messy art.The picture is of me in a restaurant celebrating with my mom and dad after I completed end of term exams with a hundred percent on math, reading, science, art and music classes. Spanish was kinda bad because I was always out of town for personal reasons.
  • Third Grade

    Third Grade
    It was my fourth year at the school and it was nice because we did more events than in second grade. We started piano/band classes and had the option to drop out. I stayed for piano classes and now I know piano. It was also when my bff’s came to my birthday party 🥳. It was also the year that C0VID started so we had to do the rest of the year online. We did more events than usual and went on several field trips and had a lot of fun. We did an annual marathon.It was very fun.
  • Fourth Grade

    Fourth Grade
    In fourth grade we had more writing, history, and science classes and so we always had a project for science and learned a lot about history.As for writing, let’s just say(according to my parents)I loved it too much. The photo is when we were going on a very famous train in Colorado called the Royal George. I was with my friend and her family. The view was lovely and we got to see the mountains in the sunset, which was very beautiful.
  • Planetarium Trip

    Planetarium Trip
    Our Planetarium trip was in fifth grade at the end of the year before I came to India. Interesting fact, I missed the rest of Fifth Grade because I had to come to India. Our grade loved the trip.The picture was inside the planetarium. We learned about how soon we could live on another planet and that there could be life on other planets. Too bad Aliens don’t exist. We also got to see other galaxies that I forgot the name of but oh well. We got to see how a Super Nova works.
  • Fifth Grade

    Fifth Grade
    We were in fifth grade and we went on this really cool school trip to a military museum and then a planetarium. We learned all about the planets and our solar system. I have more pictures of the military base and the planetarium but I chose one of me and my BFF Shayleigh. We were in the bus and decided to photo bomb other people.I also learned about the military and when I got home, my dad explained the type of training they used to do. It was VERY interesting to listen to.
  • Military Museum Trip

    Military Museum Trip
    The same day we went on a Military Museum trip. It was really cool and we saw all the awards you can earn in military training and stuff like that. My dad and mom told me more about the type of training they had to do and what weapons they used. My dad used a Shotgun and I forgot what my mom did but I think she used a type of Revolver. We also got to see what type of plane they used and when the planes were made.
  • Sixth Grade

    Sixth Grade
    I can’t write much about this year but SOO much has happened already! We did a LOT of games and we did races.We had such a great year so far. Hopefully it ends well. We also did a winter concert. We also got to go to BCC and learn about recycling and stuff like that. The picture is of Dhanvanth and Spencer tryna make something in science class by stacking stuff.